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The Joint resistance leaders on Tuesday called a complete Kashmir Bandh over the detention of some separatist leaders by National Investigation Agency (NIA).

The detention of some separatist leaders by NIA was termed as an act of arbitrary and unjust by JRL to demonize the freedom cause and discourage the people associated with the freedom movement. 

In an order to build the counter pressure on New Delhi, the separatists issued a statement for complete shutdown and said that they will not be deterred with such moves by which New Delhi aims to weaken the freedom sentiment in valley.

As the statement of shutdown was released figuring the names of only five leaders instead of seven detained by the agency, scores of people went on the social media sites and trolled the resistance camp.

Some even criticized and accused the separatists of exhibiting selectivity in giving shutdown calls. The people questioned as why separatists didn’t ask people to observe shutdown when youth by army in Budgam district was killed few days before.

Some said why only five names figured in the statement of separatists and two other senior leaders were excluded. In fact on the ground, the call for shutdown didn’t do well and the people in most parts of the valley went to the daily chorus of work. The shops were thrown open and the traffic plied on roads.

The day was business as usual. The counter message Huriyat got from ground by the people was an eye opener. The people whose economy has crippled due to hartal politics have a complete mood swing and demand a change. The change which should have avoided to inflict the deep economic wounds on the people; separatists have failed to offer in last over thirty years of insurgency.

The shutdown which in other words is a self inflicting curse seems the first and last resort that separatists have adopted. There is no mechanism, strategy and the way out separatist have ever found to sustain the movement without letting own people suffer. Hundreds of budding entrepreneurs have shut their businesses in last several years due to frequent strikes and shutdowns.

Thousands of people have lost their jobs in private sector while the education system has been the worst causality of shutdown politics. Nothing so far seems to have favoured the cause of freedom and it has only annihilated the sentiment on ground in the largely affected populace.

The shutdown of local business houses have paved way for the outside companies to explore the consumer market of valley without offering substantial benefits in terms of concessions and jobs to the local populace.

Even the Jammu region is the example how it has progressed over the years due to prevailing uncertainty in valley and the non availability of conducive situation for the working of business houses.

In this backdrop the functioning of separatist camp has triggered a debate in the social circles and one wants to know the parameters they have set for shutdown calls.  Beyond shutdowns what they have been doing in normal days for the Kashmir cause.

What has been its think tank doing and what is there research on the issues that sprouted out of conflict and affected the people adversely. One would ask separatists what is there roadmap for sustaining the conflict without losing the momentum among people until the dispute is settled.

What is their strategy in the changing political dynamics of south Asia and world?  Like New Delhi separatists must not commit the mistake and ignore the writings on wall. Let they introspect and accept the changing realities on ground and around without wasting a time.   


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