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Zahoor Ragi

The nature was exploring blood volunteers under the shades of cool breezes where uneven greenery of DIET premises situated at Bemina got redesigned for the celebrations of Silver Jubilee of Jammu & Kashmir Teachers Forum.

The evening of 23rd September was keen to engulf the night to judge the sorted modalities of experts and convictional organizers to celebrate 24th of September 2017 as Blood Donation Day of the forum. The Teachers Forum had gathered with marching character as guiding force and eyes were lighting the candles of hope not to deter them from the cause of serving mankind. 

Though, accelerating and centralizing the pace of voluntary services has been the endeavour of the forum during worst hits of J&K history like Earthquake 2005, 2014 Floods, the history got repeated and it pasted across the state by sharing blood donation idea to serve societies, communities at large, a gesture of interventional ethics to value life and live in others, the logic that sooths the souls to live better through ages of realization and contribution of ultimate choice.

The sun had set in with all pleasing colours where breezes would move and hands would hold the unblemished services of the forum with its leadership at its best. The nightmare of dream was concealing the wounds and daring characters of forum were unfolding the structures of platform. Revolutionary methodologies were nodding to be rendered for any cause that would mean *Services of Mankind*.

While premises gate was left open, the smiling gestures of ambulances overwhelming every viewer to focus on the medical teams from SKIMS, GMC Srinagar, JLNM Hospital Srinagar, JVC Srinagar and Noora Hospital Chanapora Srinagar from private sector.

Ensuring the human administrative gesticulation, the VIPs began their journey of sharing the responsibility to throw open inaugural cultural traits where Secretary to Government, Department of Education , Mr.Farooq Ahmad Shah, Principal Government Medical College Srinagar Dr.Saima Rashid , Dy.Commissioner Srinagar Mr.Abid Rashid , Director SKIMS Dr.G.N.Ahanger, Director School Education Dr.G.N.Itoo, Principal SIE Mr.Mehboob Hassan , Chairman Teachers Forum & President EJAC Mr.Ab.Qayoom Wani and Dy.Director AIDS Dr.Tabassum were given warm welcome by the enthusiastic organizational behaviour of teachers forum under its leadership of Mr.Ab.Qayoom , the experienced legend, whose soul always appears dreaming of justifications to end violence.

His versatile leadership qualities created a sophisticated environment where collective conscience presented colourful elegance to lead the volunteers whose significance would yield bouquets of donations in the interest of patient care. The ultimate leadership was viable to lead the crowd of interesting features to maintain, manage and share responsibilities of decency for better solutions of characteristics those obviously were productive from individual to collective ideologies.

The glittering faces of volunteer donors irrespective of dropping into the premises from remotest places of valley including Leh and Kargil were cool waiting for the final call of their shepherd to start the show but before it would happen, the shepherd had laid down besides the volunteered professional Dr.G.N.Ahanger, Director SKIMS to turn the pages of history.

Here started the inaugural ceremony that fascinated the people around. The leadership and professionalism started bleeding to reach the doors of urgency or emergency. The blood had no colours but every drop bleeded would paste ray of hope with ultimate goal to live and let live. It had no politics, no socio-economic crisis, no belief and no ideologies to justify but it of course was flowing like the rivers flow to enter the ocean of achievements.

The scenic versions of untold story were reflecting the history that sounds better even today to love and care for humanity. The affability irrespective of caste, colour and creed joined the streams of bleeding themselves in the stalls where decorum vibrated the history of teacher’s decency and projection of patience. Every donor had a belief to bleed for survival of others who otherwise cry, whose agonies damage the souls and above all whose life needs a pint to live again in the world of crisis and conflicts.   In the corner of huge number of dazzling characters I witnessed astonishing management of protocol.

Numerous are the reasons, millions are the questions and wonderful are the humans where volunteerism extends and explores beauties of life.  But worth are the gestures of humanism who donate blood to ensure life sustenance while instances of conflicts or otherwise are to be sidelined. The stage secretary was introducing Mr.Shabir Hussain Khan, humble and a pioneer among donors on road side who has donated 156 pints till date, reason to sustain lives and live better. His appearance was heroic but humble with attitudinal tendencies of serving the cause with honest confession of serving mankind. A simple character with smiling gesture with the blessings of his mother makes him worth to be a face among the crowd.

While emphasis was being laid on human related issues and concerns, various speakers threw light on managing and maintaining discipline, tendencies, righteousness, perceptions , convictions to sustain the sweet culture , tradition and serve purpose of living a life. The bleeding went on to decide the hidden treasure of life that still was unknown for utilization of its donors cause. Though it was absolutely puzzling to notice that gathering had huge choice of donors, enthused fraternity had won today the field to project their concern of being human. Raising the intuitions very high, the alliance had gathered under the beautiful guidance of their shepherd that depicted picturesque of varied instances.

The dazzling characters of shadows collectively were presenting daring moments of the day while the sun was pouncing towards its logic to pierce with all activities captured into the beauty of night. Mastered art of coordinative axis was turning the pages written during the broad day light where in silver colours it was written, outcome of collective conscience had bleeded more than expectations. The pints had proved the versions of services.

Turning the pages of day notes, the accomplishment of ocean came into being and it was in bold letters quoted *625 Pints Have Life Hints*. The lesson that every heart and soul carried to share responsibility of being into creativity to denote a pint snatching the axed faces, waxed souls and turning into a beautiful history of smile.

The sun was turning towards its goal of penetrating through the dark borders of day, perhaps with all beautiful instances of souls to sooth nature itself after hectic confinement of pages written by the souls itself. The purpose was served, the daring had cared, visionary had targeted and the lap of forum had pearls to distribute as per the standardization of capacity. Every soul was contented and every bleed had carried the meaning of the day to own life of others that definitely can be even of our next kin.

The sun had moved and pierced into the cloudy sky with all smiles of donors where it hugged the pleasant night. I could not realize my shadow as it had lost its essence on observing the gravity of colours in 625 pints that compelled to leave the premises with all generous images of fascinated day to develop my character.



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