Closure Of Colleges Is A Severe Concern


Closure Of Colleges Is A Severe Concern
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Shahid Majeed Mir

The youth of valley also need to awake from deep slumber to observe the loss and take efforts to keep educational institutions separate from conflict

Kashmir is a hotbed of violence. Right from establishment of conflict among arch rival states of India and Pakistan, peace has hardly returned to valley. The overall environment is wounded by deep scars of cremation grounds. This orientation was amplified by initiation of armed struggle to resolve dispute. After 1991 Kashmir is witnessing an altogether different period.

This period only knows the language of bombs and pistols. This belief is based on notion of solution by Gun. The rivalry of Indo Pak plays at the lives of innocent Kashmiris. Initially the struggle took a fierce and illogical route. Thousands of innocent killings occurred in streets of Kashmir in 90’s.

Thenceforth the cycle of violence seems unending. This cycle retraced back its roots after post 2016 period and refreshed memories of 90’s.

The period which is replete with stories of grave human rights violation. Society was ruled at the nook of Gun. Are we returning to 90’s? Is there any hope of improvement? Is the cycle going to stop somewhere? These millions of questions are normal queries of common people in Kashmir.

Now the extremist attitude of social environment prevailing after killing of Burhan Wani has halted education and nourishment of our future. Most of the times colleges witness shutdown due to unstable conditions in and around. Isn’t it disastrous?

 The phase of armed movement took tortuous route and is emerging as Hobson’s choice. It leads the state towards period guided by inflexion point. This mass movement started after 2016 protests in which civilian killings took anti government resentment to newer heights.

The basic tragedy befallen due to these protests is Educational failure. Our main societal attribute was to bring halt and the process seems unending. Society at large is shaped by two prominent features “Culture and Education”. These universally accepted features set the basic foundation of society.

Whereas the Culture demands status quo barring the composite cultural mix due to globalism, Education on the other hand needs the free spirit and mind to foster invention and innovation. It needs a free and open atmosphere guided by rational enquiry and moral teaching. It sets the tune of society especially young faculty in line with norms of society.

Their mental structure is reshaped through rational training for development of innovative spirit. This scientific essence refits the strategy of youth for the good of whole society.

It promotes harmony and brings stability. But as is said “fall of society begins at the tail of educational failure “


Kashmir is witnessing this period from last few years. On the one hand civilian killings are daily norm while on the other remaining ones are barred from education. To reach stable and peaceful atmosphere by shutting down colleges is a grotesque approach.

Education is a premise in every society in every country. This forms the base on which foundation of society rests. Education is a systematic training of clean slate of young ones. It improves the thinking ability of young folk. The societal attributes are modified through set procedure in institutions of excellence.

They impart an experience based approach to life. Now the Kashmir case seems obviously in an altogether different track. It’s unrealistic to dictate the unawareness of significance of education on the part of people in valley. But the atmosphere of violence and bloodshed in backyard has left the education in lurch. Most of the time educational institutions are closed on the basis of security concerns. District magistrates issue the orders to shut down colleges and higher secondary schools for security reasons.

Especially South Kashmir remains shut for most of the time. Exams aren’t held on time. Recruiting agencies like JKSSB and JKPSC are unable to held recruitment exams. It seems too much difficult to held exams on time. Seeing the concern of Semester system, students are going through lot of stress due to failure of time bound completion. Above all the “Mental Health” of young fraternity is in disturbed state.

As per survey conducted after 2016 protests by National organization on mental health” more than 85% of youth in state are passing through the disturbed state over varying scales of intensity “

Whenever the disturbed state of atmosphere in Kashmir is taken into account, the impact is natural. Our future is getting eroded through shutting down of colleges.

 As is said “Before you act see where did you stand “. It’s strange and weird to believe the better prospects of future when the present is in bleak condition ipso facto. The valley of Kashmir acts in an erratic and irrational manner by standing on base of Sand. The base is eroded in a slow and steady manner by upping the ante through regular and permanent shut down of colleges.

In 2016 Education Minister Nayeem Akhter has issued a statement regarding educational loss in 2016 and requested Hurriyat to” separate Education from Politics”. But the case of Kashmir is different from political struggle. Herein the education can be brought back on track through everyone’s participation.

The onus lies on government to issue strict guidelines to security forces to keep restraint while conducting operations. Unless and until the cycle of civilians killings is not brought to an end, it would be insane to expect functioning of educational institutions.

Although valley is disturbed by intermittent shut downs but the continuation of educational institutions can be expected due to collaborative efforts. The youth of valley also need to awake from slumber to observe the loss and take efforts to keep educational institutions separate from conflict. Because no loss is ever disastrous than barring our youth to attain education.

The future is in bleak appearance. Son’s hindsight is a Father’s far sight. Up till now the failure is visible in every nook and corner and the disaster is awaiting. There’s a need to urgently take note of this loss. Thenceforth a swift strategy must be adopted to curb the further loss.

*Writer Shahid Majeed Mir hails from Misribehak Machil Kupwara and can be reached at*


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