Can’t Women Teach The Mathematics?


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Adnan Dar

No doubt the world has considerably changed for women. She finds space in every aspect of life and proves her worth. But in the man chauvinist society, the mindsets still remain same against her. She is still persecuted, discriminated and harassed.

Graphics: Nisha Chowdary

Her tragedy begins before she comes in the world. Her decision of life is predominantly taken by the men folk in her life. When it comes to her interests and desires we feel reluctant and passive unlike for a male child. He gets more then what he aspires and enjoys substantial freedom. Blame cannot be put wholly on parents; it’s the norms that we have set in our society for Adma’s eve.

Shahida, a post graduate in Mathematics is more lucid to describe how women power is undermined and dominated by the conservative mindset up in our society.

Shaida completed her in mathematics with good percentage but back home she is struggling economically. People refuse to send their wards to her for tutoring in mathematics.

“I desire to open an institute to teach mathematics but I feel discouraged as people don’t want to send their wards to me. I am told that only men can teach mathematics,” she told The Legitimate.

The parents want me to teach any other subject to their wards except Mathematics.

Beenish a budding Journalist is equally concerned about the prevailing gender discrimination. She shares her personal experience when she was treated anti Azadi by fanatic elements for her post on social media.

“I was bullied by some people on social media for my post on facebook wall. What I wrote was my personal opinion on my personal account. But I faced severe wrath for it,” she narrates the ordeal. Being a female, she says there was no respect for her among those people.

Beenish, however, countered and gave a befitting reply to all and stood by what she had said.

Though Islam strongly empowers the women with dignity and respect but the ultra conservative set up has made their lives miserable. There is no end to the domestic violence, harassment and abuses.

Though the Islam has given more dignity and respect to the women but the ultra conservative setup and wrong interpretation of religion has made their lives miserable.

“Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had ended the system of Jahiliat in the earlier stages of Islam and stated that the men and women are equal. But unfortunately nowadays gender discrimination is a big menace in our society,” laments Saima Bashir.

In Kashmiri society, it is taboo to speak of sexual abuse and the victim faces dire consequences and brings shame on herself and her family if she reports it,” rues a young girl Azra Fayaz. Interestingly, after the deluge of 2014 that devastated the Kashmir, the people started blaming the women folk for it.

Chowdhary Rabiya Shafiq, a social activist from Rajouri who also stands for the women rights shares her experience of being discriminated in every aspect of life.

“I have faced discrimination when people knew that I am from Gujjar community. The worse was that I was more discriminated in Kashmir while in neighbouring state Himachal Pradesh, Delhi or Rajasthan I was encouraged,” she says.


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