Youth And Their Prospect In Kashmir

Youth And Their Prospect In Kashmir


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There’s a need to rethink and refit our system abilities for any eventual and effective outcome.

Mir Shahid Majeed

“We are trying to reach to our youth through various measures like amnesty schemes, employment, sports infrastructure etc” claimed Waheed u rehman Parra of ruling PDP youth leader.

The demographic structure of Jammu and Kashmir points towards a rich dividend with pool of aspiring youth which make up near about 69 % in age composition of total population if not mistaken.

This age structure sparks volumes about potentialities available in Human resource in our backyard. In comparison with our counterparts the alienation of this vital section is much more than one can expect in modern world. To better, societies established some legal procedures to develop this potential through treasure trove of demographic dividend of which India as a whole is modest contributor.

All the dimensions of society viz social, economic, cultural and political are manifested through attributes of young generation. They act foundation of huge superstructure to be built by generations to come. But as is reflected from Zimmerman’s definition” the potential quantity when utilised for man’s benefit comes under the net of resources”. In this orientation the young generation needs enough polishing to help their functioning for betterment of societal makeup.

Contemporary world thrives on global interconnectedness with close and complex integration of economies over a wide scale. Here in lies space for utility of demographic dividend and the subsequent utilisation of their potential for enhancement of human capacity and capability. In fact while elaborating on the role of young generation to our society the universal dictum takes place in quick succession the “youth are the building block of society”. To its better end they inhabit the capacity to improvise the stature of society.

They help to contribute to socio economic dimension of society amid their growing times of difficulties. On them depends the future of society and socio economic life structure. To this end they acclaim the status of society in entirety as an independent decision making and executing agency through fresh intellectual ability. To its worst end lies the inability of society to provide them the raw material for construction of societal makeup.

Every dimension in society depends on the pool of skilled managers who could utilise the expertise of generations for betterment. In a layman’s language the young generation until provided with opportunities is a burden which manifests in drug trade and human trafficking.

Our young generation is an invaluable asset in infant form whose upbringing and nourishment could leave us spell bound if taken care off. This long drawn strategy depends on providing direction and reliable path to potentialities of youth in positive manner. Herein lies space for education and skilling. Education brings in child the element of possible best and feasible best.

The possible best enriches the cognitive ability of infant mind for choice of specialisation and thus orient one’s life in terms of career perspective say medical, engineering, civil service, management etc. Contemporary world especially our society accords habitual environment for this orientation to flourish through tail and bottom efforts of our young generation. Our universities and professional competition has amplified its pace in recent decades to accommodate the aspiring millions.

In fact the work is in progress but the promising youth are hell bent to improvise on this front. Whereas the 2nd and the accommodation front seems too lazy to fulfil its expected role. Here the society’s legal luminary is liable to questioning who possess the public resources for mobilisation and their utilisation. Where does lie our space on this front?

In Kashmir this front is too lazy to upheld its sanctity and relevance. The government of the day lacks the required governance to integrate the aspirations of promising millions which oft repeatedly subverts energy in day to day protests and blockade. Our institutional capacity is ailing and tired of bureaucratic procedural formalities. The overall environment seems far from aspirations of young generation as the inability to meet their demands isn’t a new debate on table of assessment.

Prevailing armed conflict has eroded our time span to bare minimum and thus impedes our governance function in most part of year. But the government of the day seems in deep slumber whose disturbance could wreak havoc if taken to assessment. The institutional capacity of JKPSC and JKSSB is no more hidden to us. Their rigidity and complexity have acted upon the future of teeming millions. The vent of their grievances pays to our normal functioning of society In much anticipated manner.

The alienated youth feels their insecurity may pose danger to their safety in future, thus raising voices about legitimacy of legal structures. There’s a need to rethink and refit our system abilities for any eventual and effective outcome. If this task is left in its place it may erode our base of fount ion and may stretch the topic for complete overhaul.

Summing up with promising note of Oprah Winfrey “the biggest adventure you can take is to Live the life of dreams”. Kashmiri society dreams big in utilisation of their capabilities to enhance their standard of living in nip and tuck tune with attributes of thriving societies world over. It’s liability of our contemporary policy makers to think in terms of Ex aequo et bono as our societal attributes are rich enough to shine on the face of humanity.

The government of the day need to streamline their process of decision making in tune with the youth leader ‘s statement to help in bringing the alienated youth back to societal makeup with promise of better future, not cumbersome procedure of JKPSC. For this the overall scheme of public authorities should be in tune with aspirations of young generations, certainly not SRO 2O2. These measures need a serious modification to curb the rising dissent in the initial stage for a prosperous and liveable atmosphere ahead. We all dream secure and superior atmosphere in years ahead where intellectual ability can thrive not 2016. Fingers crossed!

Writer Shahid Majeed Mir hails from Misribehak Machil Kupwara and can be reached at*


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