Govt Must Fix Proper Guidelines For Tuition Centres

Govt Must Fix Proper Guidelines For Tuition Centres


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Shahid Majeed Mir                                      Tuition

Education is the cornerstone of society. Human beings possess cognitive ability which distinguishes them from other living world. Education is a means to shape that intellect and cognitive ability in a utilizable path.

It provides expression to inward capacity through outward manifestation of ideas in a conventional way of teaching and learning. This ideology led to establishment of educational institutions for preparation of person to take worldly affairs in own hands. It teaches him experience based problem solving mechanism which adds dynamism to intellect of man.
Usually Govt of the day is at the front for provision of educational service to subjects. However the rise of private institutions in recent past added diversification in available mechanism. It provides scope to competition through insemination of new and advanced solutions for education. On this front majority holds a combined approach of public and private institutional support to acquire required tuition for subjects aspired to be of handsome difficulty. In our backyard mushroom growth of private institutions and their impact in educational progress of Kashmir is worthy of analysis. Over and above its role in addition of dynamism in students’ calibre it brought some mysterious consequences in overall educational sphere.
The students try to utilize winter vocation for continuity in tuition centres. These institutions run on private basis and held their module in consensus with students but at times problem crops in due to either commercial compulsions or clash of timings across sectors. Rural – Urban dichotomy is first orientation of abuse in private mode of education. Most of the institutions are established in urban areas that too at specific locations like Hyderpora area of Srinagar, KP Road Anantnag etc.
This Nexus create problem for students coming over from rural areas. They usually take temporary rooms on rent basis for time factor and cost benefit analysis but the stretching and elongated time schedule for syllabus completion evolves beyond coping capacity.
This approach can’t be cited favorable for local (urban ) aspirants either but not atleast disadvantageous. They share comparative advantage to the location of centre at stone’s throw. Moreover timing schedule in summer is set as per schedule of urban govt institutions thus putting rural aspirants at disadvantage.
Here in lies the space for proper rethink to curb loss of deserving who lift heavy burden than local dwellers. Nowadays another problem creping due to tuition syndrome is inefficiency and erratic behaviour after some period or till completion fee formalities.
As the institutions are private and beyond any prescribed procedure whose only motive is commercial. This impacts the time as well as functional capacity of student.
Tuition hubs have emerged as moral disasters for society. These unregulated and uncontrolled institutions run on the whims and fancies of private coordinators. Since absence of any prescribed procedure provides scope for moral corruption and the institutions have proved it in oft repeated manner. And the style of seeking commercial benefits by public employees especially lecturers is endangering. The education in this way seems lucrative business rather than responsibility towards society. This approach as per laws is endangering.
“Society shapes and reshapes man’s intellect and it’s their responsibility to pay back”. There could be no better way possible than teacher profession to pay back debt which one owes to society.
The recent intrusion of govt in this sphere is welcome for education and it emerged as sigh of relief from private institutions claiming lakhs for just six months. However the registration of institutions is not a panacea. There’s a need for proper guidelines and mechanism to regulate their timing, fee structure, discipline and other matters in nip and tuck pattern of daily private educational institutions.
The tuition areas need to be converted into focus areas for law and order to curb staring, eve teasing ,smoking ,moral corruption etc. Is the Govt ready?
Summing up the concern with universal quote “A Father’s Hinduism son’s far sight”. The problems faced by society in general and aspirants in particular are ectopic for endangering trend of tuition business. No doubt they play a prominent role to prepare talent for competitive exams at state as well as national level but as is said “Encumbrances far outweighs benefits”.
It’s only if above issues are taken as priority areas and solved in immediate future that private tuition may sustain as reliable alternative to school formalities. Otherwise some parents at times hinder to send their wards to these institutions by quoting” illiterate is far better than morally corrupted child”. Also fee regulation time factor adds weigh to proper rethinking. The steps of registration are welcome in this direction. However everything can’t be dealt with by steadfast rules there’s a need of moral modification on part of teachers as well as students. Private institutions should voluntarily prepare some strict guidelines for teacher as well as students to be followed otherwise face severe Punishment. And they should maintain the same style of teaching from beginning till end through consensus of students for time, and length of course. Let’s hope civic Sense will prevail.

Writer Shahid Majeed Mir hails from Misribehak Machil Kupwara and can be reached at



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