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The age group from 13-19 fall under the category of teenage, it’s because as the name reflects the ending number with “teen”. During this period rapid mental and physical changes occur. The name of this transition period from childhood to adulthood is Adolescence.

Many people think that families become less important to children as they step in this age group. But the fact is your child needs that much support and care as he/she did when he/she was younger. With the advent of teenage, the family relationships change. During childhood of your child, your role was to guide and nurture. But when your child is in teen0061ge, you might find that your relationship with your child is becoming more equal. Most of the families have some up’s and down’s during these years, but during late adolescence children become more mature. It is just a flash of time that families need to be supportive and understanding to make their children asset for the society.

The physical and emotional changes that go on in children during this period need source of care and emotional support. Your child may go through mood swings, but it’s your duty to be involved in their lives, even though at times their attitude, behavior or body language might seem to say, they don’t want you. Adolescence can also cause peer influences and relationships can cause you and your child some stress. Being supportive for each other can be vital in overcoming these challenges.

Supportive and close family relationships protect your child from risky behavior like alcohol and other drug use and problems like depression. Supportive family relationships can go a long way in helping your child to become a well-adjusted, considerate and caring adult. To stay more involved in adolescence period of your child, parents need to put forward some steps like arranging regular family meals, spending time with them, celebrating their accomplishments, etc.

Unfortunately in the current era, everyone gets so much busy in their lives that they hardly find ample time to spend with their children. This is leading towards a lot of problems. For example some teenagers felt lack of love and importance from their parents and so on issues. Ultimately in most of the cases the problems deal with drugs, alcohol, prostitution, teen pregnancy, depression, etc. Most common problems of adolescents are appearance, education, dating, bullying, friendship, self esteem, peer pressure, substance use, menstruation and depression. Parents need to be more involved in the lives of their children to understand their problems and make them happy and contended in their lives, so that they won’t end up in miserable lives.

One of the best way to ensure you are aware of what your teenage child is going through is by keeping an open communication. You need to guide teach and support your child to accept the changes going on in their lives. You can also boost your child’s happiness with praise, a healthy family lifestyle and warm family relationships. 

The author is the first year bio-tech student of boy’s degree college Baramulla.

The article appeared in the print edition of May 3 to 9, 2017.


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