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Clean The Dirt At SMC

Clean The Dirt At SMC


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The Legitimate Desk     SMC

There is a universal truth that politics everywhere is murkier. Politicians who are voted to power to mitigate the concerns and sufferings of human beings rather create more in present times. The negative role of politicians often fades in a shortest times as people share less or timely animosity with them. However, they manage always to rise to the levels and rule the common people.  Well, they know how to do.

Similarly, in Kashmir the people pay heavy prize for election process whenever they are held by the authorities. The process always sets a challenge for a commoner who vote out to elect a person with hope to get his sufferings mitigated. Choice for the voter is between a ballot and bullet. While on one side he is urged to vote for the democratic exercise and ensure the state is developed, on the other side the militants threaten him for participating in any such exercise. Separatists even run a boycott campaigns. By virtue of such planks by every side, the commoner is confused and scary. But most of the times he takes a daring step and cast ballot attaching his all hopes and desires with it. Recently, the Governor Satya Pal Malik conducted the Panchayat and Urban Local Body elections in state despite severe threats from the militants against any such process and thousands of local representatives were elected by people.

For Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) corporators were also elected by people. City has been always ignored by the successive regimes and is under developed. No one is talking about the growing urban challenges. All hopes were set on this newly elected Corporation headed by two well educated Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Both have studied abroad and were believed to be the genuine persons for the posts. People had pinned hopes on them and given to their initial claims everyone was expecting a major change in city outlook. However, their balloons seem to have pricked before they could hover in the air.

It has become a den of nuisance where dirty trade game is played by two sides.  This has not even ended here, the families are each others are dragged and personally the characters are assassinated for meagre political gains. Apparently it seems the two sides trading games actually wants to enjoy the sweeping powers over the department. The process of democracy that led to their rise to this position seems indigestible to them now and are behaving like an autocrats.

People who would have voted them to power must be regretting for their miscalculation of facts.  Even this fight has got the administrative set up involved with hundreds of its employees going on strike leading common people to suffer.

As the stalemate doesn’t seem to have any end yet, some concrete steps shall be taken by the Governor Satya Pal Malik to ensure the atmosphere of SMC may not get disturbed. This dirty politics must get over and the SMC function smoothly. They newly elected body of corportors are yet to deliver on any of the front they have promised. However, they have already ruined the system of governance which they were supposed to improve.


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