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Author: Zahoor Ragi

Rule of experience, vision and trust that in fact has modified every component of governance in terms of quick disposal of issues pertaining to public, of course seems taken up at every level.   Streamlining of administration with a thrust to perform in the interest of people itself is a step towards satisfaction of everyone though results delayed shall have to bear patience.

The present governance though popular among the public has changed perceptions of people at large.  But today even political representation in dilemma is a question mark on the axed faces of voters especially who set aside their sufferings and voted within a blurred deserted human structure.

Streamlining of the political platform needs a consideration on human value basis. If things happen on cross check basis then common minimum programme has to be sidelined. To gear up for issue of political governance, it definitely needs human understanding and result oriented practices of representatives from both the sides. Lingering on the issues of public concern and creating confusions among the populace seems unjustified.

If in reality, some wonder has to work, it will definitely work on the political front by involving joyous and pleasing expressional personalities from both the sides to evolve something concrete. The representatives have to be ardent in actions and reactions to explore something good happening for the people at large.

The progress that has to be visible on the ground needs social fabric visualization of state at large. Working out on the ideologies and basics of political stage hardly can put an end to the crisis, though news being carried that it shall come at an earliest with a solution.

Solutions are subject to the practices and ideologies to bear with common minimum programme with behavioural practices of humanity. So far as the agendas of the parties seem the two banks of river how the things shall turn into the history where both otherwise shall be benefited. The practices those shook everyone in the political sphere has been the exemplary win of AAP in Delhi. Clean sweep but with dignity and honour because people can do it and change the scenario at any instance where change is required in the interest of people at large.

Delhi elections though were debated and reflected against AAP but who would dream such a win where the majority of ruling parties could not find a place. This daring step of people should be taken into consideration that makes the things to change and disasters are to be avoided in the fitness to govern the populace of indifferent attitudes at large.  Common Minimum Programme of the coalition needs guarded and gauged with open eyes.

The crucial juncture needs an end to end the confusions within societies, communities and political fronts whose eyes and minds are set to run the government but with whose consent or decisive political representatives. Scientific evaluation is need of the hour over the political tendencies of both the parties where political stunts shall have to be careful in order to visualize commandments over public assurances and demands.

Resolving issues of concern being need of the hour to facilitate humanity at various levels of understanding, the third party intervention or otherwise mutually, the things can turn smooth to enrich selves with liberation of justice. Innocence of lives leaves the mother`s wombs deserted due to the instability of political stunts those if reverted to human mechanism could spell better.

The versions of political heads suiting to their tastes has to be the taste of people at large, if the political trends are realized in its own perspectives of revisiting its origin. Rediscovering the attitudinal tendencies of choices to reach to public with all possible measures has to be the stunt within human hearts.

Scientific evaluation on social behavioiural tendencies is need of the hour to deter the unethical practices within political stunts to judge exact practice of politics. Using the stunts of interventional political gesture has to be the way to explore policy of ethics and moral support too.

Statements of self care always have proved detrimental to any given system and the system where today the global image of politics stands has ruined the essence of political care characteristics those shatter the wombs of mothers whose essence otherwise everyone realizes.

Placement of statements in single page of newspaper providing a platform to understand the values or ensure understanding with collective conscience appears a dream that may result into cracks globally that already has started due to crime and politics of choices.

Politics sounds better in the hands of human and if human gesture achievement cracks the presence of mind with weapon ranges it creates destruction and such instances lead to repercussions of unimagined capabilities. Claiming to be human and judging realism of papers with own self styled alienating attitudes of course seems disaster of choices for visionary.

Eruptions of sentiments or negative controlling coordinative actions evoke response out of triggered crime. Triggering hearts needs calculative base of human feelings, tendencies, attitudes in order to cultivate better life as otherwise the choice remains buried that projects deserted souls.

Souls cry globally and project ensuring of commandments to tune human mechanism. The creation of politics has been out of human heart to enable humans sustain on the beautified part of world and rediscover nature at its best.

The lethal weaponry achievements of indifferent commandments ultimately has resulted into discrimination of societies, communities resulting into inhuman structural policies out of unethical practices of politics those need to be revisited in order to ensure peace , prosperity and genuiness of life.

Political stunts alienate crisis and weaponry justifications cannot rule the hearts in the absence of unrealized innocence of laid hearts. Let the policies change by way of advocacy to overcome crisis of souls those need liberation to live better.

The author is writer and activist and also serves as PRO to directorate of health services Kashmir.


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