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Let’s Walk An Extra Step

Let’s Walk An Extra Step


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The Huriyat Conference on Sunday said that it will only join the dialogue with India once it accepts the disputed nature of Jammu and Kashmir. The remarks by the separatist camp came after Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that India is ready to hold the dialogue with Pakistan and Separatists in Kashmir provided Pakistan stops infiltrating militants into the Kashmir.

Looking back into the history, the talks often between the two countries have gone through the rough weather.  The condition of India to Pakistan to hold militants back from entering into Kashmir has never been met by latter.

Similarly, the condition put forth by the Huriyat Conference to insist India to accept Kashmir a disputed territory officially is next to impossible. However, in the past the talks which occurred at many occasions between the two countries were held without India agreeing to the disputed nature of state. But all those meetings went off inconclusive following the attacks in Kashmir or elsewhere in India by the militants.

Interestingly, the talks last time which took place between India and Pakistan were also shelved after a deadly attack in Mumbai in 2008 for which India accused Pakistan based extremists.  The Pakistan had vehemently denied its involvement. However, much to the shock when the ousted prime minster of Pakistan Nawaz Sharief recently to an interview to the Dawn Newspaper confessed that the Pakistans soil was used by the attackers that substantiated the Indian claim.

Nevertheless the two countries have no other option other than talking and talking. They have to move beyond rhetoric and look for a peaceful and prosperous South Asia for tomorrow. India shall not expect that Pakistan shall completely rein in to the extremist elements though the war on fundamentalist in the country is partially fought. The extremists in the Pakistan are deeply rooted for which Pakistan is itself battling.

India has to stand by the democratically elected government of Pakistan and extend its full support to strengthen the roots of democracy on the soil. It is true that the progressive and stable Pakistan is very much in the interests of India and any instability in the country will have bearing on India. India has to behave as a big brother and walk an extra mile to support the peace process since for Pakistan it has many in house elements trying to sabotage such initiatives.

On the other hand the separatists in Kashmir must also understand that rigid approach to the issue has direct consequences on its people. Kashmir has so far lost one lakh lives to the problem born 70 years ago. Its position that India shall officially accept the disputed nature of Kashmir is next to impossible for the emerging power of South Asia. The separatists, however, shall read between the lines when the country is ready to talk instead of forcing India to accept the defeat to the popular sentiment in valley.

Technically, even if the UN resolutions are to be considered for the dialogue Kashmiris are nowhere as a party to the dispute, however, they are arbiters.  In the talks there is no space for us when the two countries come across the table on the issue. Nevertheless, Kashmiris are sharing a prominent space when the dialogue takes place. So it is also high time for the separatists in Kashmir to cease an opportunity and walk a step further to break rhetoric. The Pakistan shall also approach positively to the Indian offer which it was craving for a long time. All the three parties must shun the rigid approach and join hands for the better tomorrow.  Negotiations can only yield productivity, rigidness will result into catastrophe.


India and Pakistan can never fight a war. No military solution, therefore, can happen.  It may happen in dreams and if the war happens between India and Pakistan it must spell a total disaster and no country chooses disaster for its people. So no war only talks.



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