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Let’s Make Kashmir Again A Paradise

Let’s Make Kashmir Again A Paradise


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When this editorial will be published in the newspaper, we are already in New Year 2019 with fresh resolutions, new commitments and off course with set targets. The beginning of new years is always coming up with new resolutions and commitments for everyone but here in this part of world, nothing changes except dates. Rest all remains same; say death and destruction. Year by year in Kashmir, the number of deaths swell, anger upsurges, youth feels frustrated and eventually no hope at the end of tunnel.

Going by the previous year 2018, it passed off with no positivity, no hopes and no changes for the people of Kashmir. In the history of Kashmir the year would be remembered one of the bloodiest years that consumed hundreds of lives to vicious cycle of violence.  The official data revealed that as many as 420 people have died in the year- half of which are militants.

44 causalities of the policemen, the highest in last 12 years is equally trickling an alarm in the security grid. The combatant measures involved to eliminate the militancy from the soil of Kashmir proved counterproductive with more and more youth opting for gun. The successive regimes offered no platform for the youth to motivate them to become the beacon of peace and progress of the border state. However, the subsequent failure of political parties pushed these youths to hopelessness and frustration while setting the political theatres open to act for their own fortunes and means.

The year remained full of political dramas and the politicking of every issue not only made a commoner frustrating man, however, also shattered his all hopes for peace and prosperity, notwithstanding the odds he faced in setting the democratic  institution intact while exercising his vote. Since the beginning of year, the presence of any opposition was never required to feel owing to ugly scenes and trade of blame game between the unholy alliance partners until it fell apart in midsummer. T

he politics even continued even after the departure of the alliance among all political parties which rather refused to look the ugly reality on ground drenched in blood. Rather they preferred this blood to fuel and colour their politics to secure their political means. The harsh realities emanating from the soil of Kashmir is heart throbbing and the politics over it is unpardonable to all and one.

A commoner needs to understand how he is being befooled on various frivolous issues. How his blood is used as fuel to charge the environs to settle down at the top of their heads by few people. How his economy is crippled while the shops of politics continue to grow and progress. This is a million dollar question in Kashmir for a commoner to understand.

Let him as a commoner take a pledge for New Year that no one shall be allowed to make him a fool on the soil of intellectuals, scholars and the pirs. Let’s plead to reclaim this paradise for our future generations and make its once again liveable for all. As in the present contemporary times of Kashmir conflict one rightly says every human being in world is born to live except Kashmiris who is born to die. Collectively, let’s work and negate this thought and set the dawn for ‘naya Kashmir’.



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