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BJP And The Hindu CM?

BJP And The Hindu CM?


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Asem Mohiuddin                           Hindu

Eventually the jinx is broken and the intention of BJP that parted ways with PDP in state three months ago is planning to form the government.

While the BJP divorced the PDP on the grounds of corruption and inefficiency and termed it untenable, the party is likely to form the government by the end of this month with some estranged MLA’s of PDP, Independents and the two from Peoples Conference of Sajad Lone.

There have been various instances and developments that strongly suggested that the national party is in process of looking forward with avenues and opportunities in state to reinstall its government though not with its old ally-PDP. 

The intentions of BJP have come out after its senior leader and Kashmir Incharge Ram Madhav in a statement assured that his party will be part of any government that is formed in Jammu and Kashmir.

However, he was not clear when and with whom the BJP will be part of in state and kept his remarks very sarcastic.

Madhav was formerly also involved in stitching an alliance between his party and the PDP which stayed in power for over three years after state assembly in 2014 elections delivered the hung mandate.

His statement has come close to the heels when the annual Hindu pilgrimage Amarnath Yatra is scheduled to culminate by the end of this month. And it was to be believed that any political adventure in state may trigger a security crisis following which the Yatra may get affected.

Nevertheless, as the Ytara is nearing to an end the intentions got exposed of the BJP and it seems certain that party is no more in a mood to conduct fresh elections in state and is all set to gain the power minus PDP to have its upper hand in the state affairs.

Earlier, the BJP and PDP alliance was the most uncomfortable alliances that Jammu and Kashmir has ever seen. The complications and the uncertainty in the alliance had resulted into the complete failure of the government and its poll promises to the general masses.  

The BJP will be a part of the government in Jammu and Kashmir in the future, as the “jinx” of having never been in power in the state has been broken, senior party leader Ram Madhav said on Saturday.

“I say with confidence that whenever the government is again formed in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP will be a part of it,” he added.

His claims could be substantiated by the efforts of rebel MLA’s of PDP who are seeking the opinion from the voters about the new government formation.

Sources reveal that the MLA’s including Imran Raza Ansari from Pattan, Javaid Hassan Baig of Baramulla, Abbas Wani from Gulmrag who were first to rebel within their party have been contacting their workers and seeking their suggestions about the possible government formation with BJP. 

Though majority of the workers have warned against the joining of BJP to their respective MLA’s that may decline their future prospectus, however, the general opinion was that they shall not hesitate to form the government in case it helps them to ensure the development of their constituencies.

“I strongly support my MLA to form the government with anyone in case it is in the interests of people. However, I insisted him not to join BJP since it has no political base in Kashmir and people here have different perception towards it,” a close aide of Ansari suggested him.

In Baramulla, Baig has also seen meeting his grass root level workers to seek their opinion.

PDP Frustrated

Meanwhile, the development has left the PDP frustrated and the party is trying tooth and nail to become part of any government formed in state.

The party Chief Mehbooba Mufti has been camping in New Delhi to keep close vigil on developments unfolding and is trying to garner the support to spare its party from breaking and desires to return to the power.

Mehbooba, according to sources have met many political leaders in New Delhi and tried to explore all options though nothing materialized in her favour so far.

NC, Congress won’t commit suicide

Since the graph of PDP has grown all time low with its alliance with BJP, the efforts of PDP seems to bear no fruits in exploring any of the options from NC and Congress.

Both the parties seem optimistic about their future and are in favour of fresh elections. So there will be no question that any of the parties would form the government with PDP.

 However, the BJP which is the only party that can go to re-stitch its alliance with PDP may have everything to lose if it remarries PDP.

The national party is preparing the road map for the upcoming 2o19 elections. The party has a hardcore and an anti Pakistan ideology and has faced a lots of criticism already in past for stitching an alliance with PDP which is believed to be soft towards Pakistan and separatists in Kashmir.

In fact the statements in last few years by Mehbooba Mufti might also dent its poll prospectus as a hardcore political party.      

So what is an option?

While it is said that politics is about opportunities and there are no permanent friend and foes in the politics nothing can be ruled out in the coming weeks. However, there seems a potential chance for the BJP to form the government provided it succeeds to break the PDP and manage to get around 14 seats form the party.

What experts say

A senior journalist in Kashmir who covers politics for two decades said that there is every chance that BJP may try to form the government in state and install its Hindu chief minister.

“In India presently the elections are fought on religious lines. Some parties like Congress try to project them as secular parties and appease the minority vote which have been so far decisive. The BJP is playing Hindutva card and appease the majority to secure the mandate for the 2019 elections. So it is possible to see that BJP may try to form the government in only Muslim majority state with Hindu Chief Minster to sell it in its 2019 election campaign,” said a senior political journalist in Kashmir, wishing not to be named.

“It is to be seen to what extent they will be successful”.     Hindu Hindu

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