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Follow The Islam In True Spirit

Follow The Islam In True Spirit


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With the end of holy month Ramzan the Kashmir along with the other parts of Muslim word will be celebrating the Eid ul Fitr. This Religious annual festival comes after Muslims are practicing the fasting for entire one month and refrain from eating or drinking from dawn to dusk. The purpose of fasting for one long month and eventually then celebrating the Eid is actually aimed to reform himself internally.

It is a widely acknowledged practice in the world beyond Muslims that it brings all Muslims together at one platform irrespective of their wealth and socio economic conditions. Fasting by Muslims for a whole month is actually to understand the needs and desires of the poor people and becomes mandatory under the religious obligations for the rich people to feed the needy and poor. Fasting among the five basic principles of Islam is the third one for every Muslim to fulfil.

Islam which is the most pragmatic religion in the world and has the second highest number of followers has stressed on the fasting more than anything else. However, the essence of Ramzan despite growing much awareness about Islam is missing in present times. While most of the people know its spirit and essence as per the Islamic principles, however, it is more being ritually followed now. Our economic standards over the years have improved substantially but without taking the social and religious obligations.

If we talk about Kashmir only in last over three decades of violence, there are hundreds and thousands of people who have been deprived or have suffered economically. In our society we have large chunk of children rendered orphan, huge number of women as widows, and large number of families without food and shelter though in our conservative society the much deserving and needy people shy away from disclosing their compulsions and needs.

But we fail in our societal and collective efforts to look around in our vicinity to find these needy people as our primary job and help them. Though I don’t want to generalize the situation with so many philanthropists coming forward to help the needy people. However, the efforts are required at larger level with every person turning into a responsible soul to help the needy around. Ahead of the festival we find streets and markets dotted with the people purchasing sweets, Bakery Mutton, Poultry and lot more to celebrate the Eid. But there is a deafening silence over the much larger issues brewing up in our society. Reports suggest that large number of girls have crossed the age limit without getting married since they could not afford to tie the nuptial knot.

One of the recent indents in which a young girl was caught with an army officer in a Srinagar hotel must put our heads down with shame for our societal failure. On social media and in public domain the girl was demeaned for her wrongful act but we didn’t prefer instead to look into our flaws. While understanding the issue at the rock bottom it was a societal failure that prompted this young girl to resort to this shameful act.  She and her family lives in a tin shed and her father- labourer by profession struggling to meet the ends of his family.

The needs of this young girl which grows with the growing age were not met that had forced her to resort to it. While this case has come to limelight due to some reasons, however, we can’t shut our eyes and solace our minds that all is well in our society. There have been lots of challenges that we need to address at the societal level and institutionalize the charity houses and reach out to all those who need us.


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