Distressing Scenes

Distressing Scenes


One Among Two Youth Tortured By Unknown Gunmen Succumbs In Srinagar Hospital
Unknown Gunmen Strike At JK Bank Branch In Shopian, Decamp With Cash, Rifle
Man Injured After Shot At By Unknown Gunmen In Anantnag

When the world has turned into a global village and technology has played its significant role in it, every work done across the world is almost cast in the marble of technology.

Every step we move forward on earth is recorded meticulously by the technology driven devices. Not only this much in fact the technology has gone over our head and beneath our feet and records the world invisible to our naked eyes.

This has not only made us familiar to the happenings what we could have never thought of before the invasion of technology, however, it equally causes a distress and pain among us when  something travels through our smart screens which we might have never imagined to see.

The way the technology has been upgrading us with the new revelations, it also familiar us with some unwanted things that happen across the globe. In this part of world-geographically which happens to be landlocked crime was not the part of our life.

 Such things were unheard and unbecoming given to our upbringing with strong socio-cultural values. However, times seem to have changed and we may have been becoming a society which has set the new norms to live with the crimes and criminals among us.

The news stories and the CCTV footages that come across the social media websites showing gun wielding men targeting the banks and run away with cash is the pinching reality that our society is confronting now a days. Until recent past raising concrete walls to surround the houses was something unheard of in our society.

However today even the public properties are not safe. Every time we come across the stories that such and such bank has been looted by unknown gunmen.

The news just find some single column space in our mainstream media and on social media, the footage recorded by the CCTV’s is just jumping from one wall to another with instant shares.

While these financial institutions happen to be the easy target for these unknown gunmen and directly doesn’t pinch anybody’s pocket, but the trend is throwing us in a tricky situation. Imagine the security is upgraded of these banks and it becomes impossible for these gunmen to loot the public wealth.

Where shall they go? Don’t be surprised if they find the ways to our homes and on gun point loot everything that we have amassed throughout the life.

So shall we still keep silence over it and continue to let it happen. It does not only warrant  strict action from the government, the collective voice from the society is much needed to stop this soaring menace that is gradually crushing our strong socio cultural values and making us vulnerable to ugly happenings.

In past few years alongside the growing political sensitivity in Kashmir, the graph of crime is equally soaring high. In fact the violent crimes are becoming the part of our daily life.  While we all watch them as mute spectators, the time has come when we shall raise the collective voice against these crimes and criminals who not only make our lives vulnerable but also bring a global shame to a most tolerant and sensible society.

Kashmir despite being the victim of political turbulence for over decades have always fought such designs and never let them to crave their space in our society. Time has come when the society has to all come together irrespective of their socio-cultural, religious and political beliefs and fight this menace once for all.



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