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Paradise: Where Death Runs Faster Than Life

Paradise: Where Death Runs Faster Than Life


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Mushtaq Bhat                                          Death 

The State of Jammu & Kashmir, once regarded as a piece of paradise on earth has turned into hell & have become a battle ground of precious lives. After India and Pakistan were separated, Pakistan tried to take over Kashmir.

That time Maharaja didn’t have the powerful army to fight back Pakistani tribal to secure its territory.

So he asked help from India and said after the war India will call back its army and will leave on Kashmiris to select their future by means of free and fair plebiscite. The region is the subject of a territorial conflict now between China, India and Pakistan.

The primary argument for the continuing debate over it’s ownership is that India didn’t hold the promised plebiscite. Infact, neither side has adhered the United Nation’s resolution of 13th August, 1948.

While India choose not to hold the plebiscite, Pakistan failed to withdraw its troops from the region as was required under the resolution.

Consequently, Kashmir became a dreadful battle ground where death and destruction is observed as a routine and normal matter. Thousands of civilians lost their precious lives, Scores of individuals were detained during the conflict.

Even the state reports a mass violation of Human Rights of carrying out extrajudicial, executions, arbitrary disappearances and forced labour during detentions.

Moreover, the number of insurgency related deaths in the state have increased since the muscular policy adapted by Govt of India and the dialogue seems a distant dream.

Those familiar with Kashmir’s history would be aware that violence in Jammu and Kashmir generally tends to come in waves since the late 1980’s and the thread was opposition to rule from Delhi. Sometimes, the demand is for AAZADI and at the other times it is for Greater Autonomy etc.

The phenomenon of civilians contending fully armed police forces started in the same era, induced by Union Govt, as an attempt to crush a rising movement in the region seeking liberation from the status of a no nation’s territory.

Currently the main issue in Kashmir’s dialects is Article 35A, which was brought in by a Presidential order in 1954 in order to safeguard the rights and guarantee the unique identity of people of Jammu and Kashmir and a provision that allows the Jammu & Kashmir Assembly to decide the permanent residents of the state.

The fuel was added to the speed of burning Kashmir when the petition was filed in Supreme Court for its unconstitutional validity which gave rise to another issue and violent factor and the people are ready to provide their blood in lieu of its protection.

Even the regional parties have cleared their stand and are boycotting local bodies’ elections to safeguard the special status of the state.

The insurgency is giving rise to different issues and consequently the future of our young generation including children is inclined towards darkness which requires a peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute once and for all as promised and committed by the then Indian leadership.


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