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Civilian Killings In Kashmir

Civilian Killings In Kashmir


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Shahid Majeed Mir

Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute sharing concerns of three Asian giants #China, #Pakistan and #India. This territorial dispute is most reflected in Indian Kashmir. The instrument of accession and the events followed thereafter eroded the initial agreement of Plebiscite.

Although UNSC resolved the dilute in accordance with UN supervised Plebiscite but the non seriousness of Indian establishment in Delhi has subverted whole story to another extreme end. The initial war in 1947 paved way to separation of POK from Indian control and the capturing of #AksaiChin reduced the territory under Indian hands to mere 45% of required area.

What lies at the core of matter is the Breach of trust and promise at the hands of Indian establishment. P M Nehru offered Plebiscite internally in Lal Choke and externally on UNSC platform which are yet to materialise.

The armed struggle wage in later 1990’s is the manifestation of this arrogance by subsequent central governments to not accord due respect to UNSC’s back to back resolutions. This struggle intensified in 1990’s decade and took thousands of innocent civilians.

After the instrument of accession Central Government used all covert means to ensure Indian orientated state government formation. Arrest of Sheikh Abdullah and subsequent events led to breach of country’s true democratic credentials. Thereafter Sangh Parivar engaged itself in demand for scrapping Article 370 on which whole relationship of Jammu and Kashmir with Union of India exists.

These events uncovered the real intentions of India and shattered the myth of Constitutional resolution. Since then armed struggle was started. Initially the focus was on organisational and institutional structure. Thereafter 1991 Human rights violations catch all episodes of our forefathers. They trace the horrific events and shudder the conscience of youth.

Army engaged itself in serious crimes and killed and maimed hundreds of innocent civilians. Thenceforth #KunanPoshpora black night reached extreme pinnacle and eroded the sacred repute of our mothers and sisters. It exploded the myth of law and order. Shopian episode went a step further to uncover brutal designs of security forces.

Kashmir cause is renowned dispute and the struggle for resolution in howsoever way it may is natural. It’s a weird fact that dispute is supposed to remain unresolved but the supporters of its cause are designated as terrorists and anti nationals. How can Indian nationalism flourish when Kashmiri nationalism is endangered?

Kashmir is a story of paradoxes. On the one hand we are replete with story of innocent killings on the history of Indian connection while as the political parties playing on the sacred blood of innocent Kashmiris. Wholly armed struggle waged through cross border support brought slow and steady consciousness about evils of Indian colonialism.

They fought for the cause of independence and won the heart and soul of Kashmiris. This track remained constant until recent induction of domestic support. As for as supplies of men in uniform and weaponry are concerned the struggle took support from other corridors.

However the whole story was dramatically reversed after 2010 #civiliankillings. Army establishment wreak havoc through open firing on peaceful protesters. Before this episode individual heroics remained strategic aspect and planning of armed struggle.

Armed movement in this phase succeeded through cross border support. Areal and spatial extent of movement remained largely confined to rural areas. Its main contenders as per official reports were on the backdrop of poverty and unemployment.

This notion survived until 2010 protests. Year of 2010 acted breakwater to storm. It was a watershed year which transformed whole armed tactics from supply of men and weaponry. This ideological orientation and intensified at the hands of famous extremist commander Burhan Muzaffer Wani.

The contribution reversed the scenario wholly and solely. While as the earlier struggle was hide and seek hunt, the recent mobilisation of social media is an innovative approach brought in by Burhan. It played an essential role in the domestic field to encourage youth and give them sense of fearlessness and faith.

The sacred path supported by Religious fervour to wage war against Kufr has amplified this technique in length and breadth of Kashmir. It opened a floodgate for highly qualified and economically sound young generation to join militant ranks.

#Burhan himself along with #Subzar , #ZakirMusa , #MananWani etc are acting as beacon light for teeming millions. They are hailed as Islamic warriors supporting the wholly cause. This extremist agenda is on its neap end today. The Martyrdom of Yawar Itoo of Safanagri in Dargad encounter sends shivers down one’s spine. He was Hafiz Quran and barley 16 years of age.

This entire story is disastrous for massive military establishment. The recent confirmation by a military commander about the rising trend of joining militant ranks with 1 in three days is an astonishing indication.

All the features of this struggle turn so sour in taste when civilian killings per encounter are taken into consideration. The killing of civilians has become order of day in Kashmir. Whole administration is a mere spectator at the hands of Army commanders.

They are raining down the peaceful protesters with Bullets and pellets. Shopian incident and the subsequent killing of innocent civilians erode the faith reposed on the democratic republic initially.

The inalienable right of plebiscite is indivisible. Recent rising trend of domestic involvement and widespread support for armed struggle in streets is a clarion call for New Delhi to awake from slumber. Pakistan observed black day for Kashmiris and reiterated its support for resolution in accordance with UNSC resolutions.

The rising flare of youth entering militant ranks is a serious failure of more than seven lakh army personnel involved in Kashmir’s counter insurgency.  Because the main plank of dispute is yet to be solved. As the saying goes “Before you act, see where did you stand”.

The foundation of whole dispute stands on the base of sand which can’t be crippled by turning Kashmir into army colony. These security forces with license of #AFSPA at hand are engaged in serious crimes like Ganaowpora Shopian etc incidents. Kashmiris are treated as second class citizens on their own home land.

This land belongs to Kashmiris and the armed annexation of India is not justified. To set the cat among pigeons is to take the efforts for plebiscite.

No resolution except plebiscite shall resolve the dispute once for all. All those economic doles and handouts have lost the relevance which Modi tried through 80 crore package. Kashmir is a resolved dispute waiting for implementation of UNSC resolutions.

The train has left the station after 2016 and is directed towards resolution by each passing day. Let’s pray the day be not far from us.

*Writer Shahid Majeed Mir hails from Misribehak Machil Kupwara and can be reached at

The views expressed are authors own. 

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