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Muhammad Akeel

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The career of Kashmiri youth is at stake and who is responsible. The daily closure of schools and colleges is leading us to Stone Age. We being the citizens of the technology driven world should realize what is happening in our state. Should we have to make this another Afghanistan or Nigeria. While talking to my 10 year’s old little cousin today she asked me what is happening with our education system right now, to which I politely replied, “what do you mean?”

She replied and said that in 2016 during the mass uprising after the killing of militant commander, Burhan Muzaffer Wani the government was compelling students to attend the schools and separatists would call for complete shutdown. Right now the government is asking for the closure of schools.

The impact on her psyche compelled me to think with myself that this conflict is directly affecting our education system. How long our education system would remain in the shadow of politics. What kind of democracy is that in our state that we are not letting our children to go schools on the name of law and order? Is there any institutional republicanism?

When schools are open and children are in classrooms we sense that all is well and the normalcy is back. I myself had been in my college last Saturday and I am going after a week there now it feels like that I am going on a get together after a weekend. It is really a horrendous for our society that the youth are turning away from education and leading towards the Stone Age.

We are really unaware about these kinds of prison balls in which we are caught right now. Our tastes, desires and imagination are all in prison this is where the most danger lies. It is a terrible threat to this society that our system of education is locked on some or the other pretext.

It will prove disastrous and devastate us mentally and socially. Our societies will develop only on the foundation of human and moral values but the institutions teaching these values are being closed now and then.

My question is to our worthy CM and Education Minister that how long we have to keep our educational institutions closed to ensure the eerie clam. Can we set aside the politics form education?


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