The Politics Of Ego And Emotions


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Zahoor Ragi

The delay in formation and exploration of possibilities of choices for government, now seem play cards being played at the intelligence of public at large. Uneven perceptions being explored from the public have definite role to play in the near future. Politics shall be taught a lesson to rest on character of choices for holding socio-secular fabric of the societies. Lessons are so many out of the delayed practices of political brains but nobody seem ideal in framing thoughts and wishes of people. Character reflects trust deficit even among the political bearers who are yet failing to fill in the gaps. Egoistic and emotionalism of politicians is shaking the land. It needs to be cultivated by being humble in the interest of public at whose doors, all elected representatives posed caring, enthusiastic to solve problems, promised to be with realistic approach to fight back corruption but till date seem corrupted within their own conscience. By such practices of unwarranted and unpredictable behavioural attitude, the politicians pose so many threats for the already devastated pattern of life that looks in for opportunity to hold breath at ease at the global level.

At least the government should run smoothly in order to see that deliverance of services to the affected population are ensured when every soul is disturbed by the axed and unjustified versions of mental agonies, depressions, socio-economic conditions. The public representation sector seems all in shambles because of internal crisis and monopoly that holds hiccups to the extent of sustenance within rigid and opposite policies. Comforts seem far off from the real structure that too devastated by the character overall that hosts platform but just to defend the global changes. Politicians don’t seem taking pains to end the violence of their choices instead make people to suffer for want of governance that has in realism projected an unjustified war of human services at the global level. Though developed state and IT performances are shooting up but the realistic approach of the affairs at global targets appears mastering the art to decentralize the crime that has no place in the world of politics when visionary created the platform to sooth the souls at each level of human gesture.

People cry for want of justice under the bewildering attitude of representatives. Bickering of political parties makes them to suffer. They suffer because of their inabilities to diffuse the crisis of yesterday by shaking hands with unwarranted tendencies those have already created wounds and need immediately the healing policy. The stakeholders never come out of their comforts. They suffer because of the fractured electorate that spells a lesson itself for them (public representatives) to adhere to the choices of people otherwise shall have to face the wrath in the near future where globe shall burn the dirt of such elements by way of projecting moral enthusiasm to detect the ill health of present global politics.

Political analysts are of the opinion that in the near future the candidature shall be chosen by the public itself, if the elected candidates of scenario are unable to decide the issues pertaining to common population. The socio-psycho analysts are imagining the disaster of political instability as the worst phase of non-governance and public resentment. Such acts of indecisive politics are fatal for perceptions and sustenance of the so-called system that stands ruined by the brains of own choice ,where people stand on one leg with full bucket of water to project miseries of dimensional nature.

Either political career is to be chosen or left half way in order to prove able or incapable to judge sufferings and issues of concern. Reflecting so many dicey perceptions among the people shall lead to adversities of future for which every elected representative shall have to address his/her incompetence of indecisive political career, though at the moment they may enjoy, they may prefer their own ways but people will prove in the near future the abilities of human gesture. Analyzing the mood swings of public will never help the parties; they have to come to an end with degrees of perfection those compelled the people to vote with the power to attain comforts for life and to survive though scattered in every angle. Brains are being drained, canned and ultimately state being slapped to be ruled with triangle edges.

Globally the human being having the set the foots with so much changes in the sphere of life has yet to revive the circumstances those lead to the defined changed at the hands of science and technology. One click today diffuses the crisis but at the same time the click if revolves round the political ideologies results into lethal weapon that adds to the sufferings at various levels of understanding. The circumstances those led to change the scenario of life style are less being considered while entertaining life with own perceptions of political psychology or otherwise. Resultant ideologies have to revolve round the self that has evolved because of the adopted strategies of fortune turns like a wheel.

Let the crisis of yesterday not take any toll today as the global burns have scratched the choices at country levels projecting thereby the uncertainty that perhaps is the basis of mastered unethical war of politics. The business trends those on the political grounds are projected as part of prosperity ultimately lands into the hands of uneven minds where failure rests on the shoulders of human being. The political affairs would rather fit to the justifications of global importance but the trend setters of its business abilities has resulted into the warming of characters those are unable to practice the realities of concern. Pulls, pressures, actions, reactions, viability of business, sufferings of globe and unhealthy practicality of politics marches towards the unending war of inhuman concern where smart part of the approach has been shelved to evolve strategy to define origin of politics. Let us hope the rules or regulations of politics governing various perceptions, trends and practicality of it soon bless the globe while globe otherwise appears disturbed state of choice.



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