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Laws need to be given due shares of holding its breath. On the other part of it if transparency can prove effective because it can easily notify its clients, prospective or established, affiliates of the potential environmental hazard or law violation.

Zahoor Ragi

The present world affairs of communication has changed the scenario while in  business, corporations, professional entities  or anywhere in the corner at individual or collective basis reflecting its means of expression those tune all classic resources available around. As a part to the systematic tendencies, exploring valued concerns from individual to collective consensus, the magical ethics that has to be taken care of seems missing in the warming world  of notes and quotes.

Though, communication being a valued ethical practice, the unethical war of communications has resulted into war of choices from the inception of the world. Laws of communication irrespective of hot or cold have to be within the limitations of justice those relieve of any mishap or misunderstanding. Ethics being an inherited structured practice of global importance, though emerged gradually has yet to improve at its ethical basis in the world of today`s technological achievements where claims of being super have duped the systematic ethical perspectives of life itself.

While claims of digitalization are being raised to the extent of having achieved the targets of it in the country, the most sophisticated services of mobile yield cyber scanning at its peak nobody is realizing the abusing expressions of the services being provided.

SMS received on 5th of September 2017…*your bill for bsnl account 102777826 for id 94190***** of Rs.393 please pay immediately to avoid disconnection of outgoing and incoming services..Ignore if already paid*…THE BILL IS BEING PAID TO RESTORE THE FACILITY IF NEEDED ANYWAY IN THE COMPETATIVE NETOWRK OF OPTIONS AND on 13th of September SMS reads *Dear Customer Your bsnl GS< account 102777826 for mobile no. 94190***** has been billed with Rs.530 on 01/Sept/17 and the payment due date is 26/Sept 17 Now you can pay your bills on line at …… for using bsnl GSM postpaid service*. The customer is being mentally torched even when some messages from the bsnl are being received to chat …. Am free please dial….. let us chat …..the standardization of communication in the modern technological sphere has made us to wonder what to do what not…. Thanks to Jio services those share emergencies instead of bsnl number held since… How the amounts are being realized against the numbers remains a million dollar question for the customer who is subjected to torture and agonies.

The bills really seem to mint money….. Should it happen while w.e.f. 15th of September 2017 country has started celebration of *SWACHHATA HI SEWA*. To knock the door for justice is absent … bills or at least monthly rent and user charges should be made evident to the consumer… unfortunately for sure we are living in the stone age of technology today. Genuineness of the bills is nowhere…. SWACHHATA HI SEWA does not mean to hold dusters of choice to clean the land …. Mun Ko Saaf Kr K Tun B Saaf Rukhna Hy……(Have clean heart and mind before a clean body)

The unethical communication practices need to be looked into. Evidences need to be set on track. Harming environmental evidences to judge mashed characteristics of using communication need to be elevated to its logical stand.

Laws need to be given due shares of holding its breath. On the other part of it if transparency can prove effective because it can easily notify its clients, prospective or established, affiliates of the potential environmental hazard or law violation. If transparency is the weapon, it definitely shall encourage trust and good faith, if the interests are not concealed at any instance while communicating to consumers at large.

Living a business and thinking that censorship of own choices can develop the business is living in a fool’s paradise. To manage the unethical practices it needs again the unethical integrity at war that one day has to perish in one or the other way.

Tactics of management or advantage in terms of agreement or otherwise has to be ruled out. Social media setting exemplary quotes has to be accepted but with a vision to encourage elevation and providing of services with transparency and justifications. If business has consideration of social media to be valuable, then censoring of information or ways of communication have to be dejected.

Let the war be ended by taking into consideration the choices of consumers whose role in accepting the services can detect such platforms where the policies are clear within the network of competitive service providers. The versatility of unending war that in no way does enhance the beauty of living standards needs to be rejected by business units, corporations, professional entities and at individual levels too. For convictional practice of valuing life instances to consume drops it needs courage to sustain transparency to the extent of its perspectives of persistent efforts those yield comfort and care.

Knowledge clears the filth, understanding justifies characters and to live better, adaptation of SWACHHATA HI SEWA as a contribution in black and white can never make us to prosper, it needs courage to defend every issue of concern for the general public at large whose participation makes the moments worth. Resting on the shoulders of socio-psychological or socio-political affairs of crime never can lead us towards any sewa but towards injuries of souls, wounds of uncertainty, beliefs of injustice and crimes of choices. Institutionalization of communities at large with sustenance of power shall never end the war within political sphere even if digitalization has an edge to rule the paradise of souls i.e. the hearts.

The majority has to shake hands with communication by adapting to socio-secular fabrication structure, which in the long run shall definitely help the country to prosper and keep pace with its aged multi-coloured social fabric bouquets. Earnest and immediate need to contain such defamed practices shall need a communication cell lead by social behavioural change experts wherein expertise of human resource can prove able and humble to project something better way.

The diversification of Modi-fied country shall cater brilliancy, if brilliancy with centralized communication cell with an attitude of political aim of SWACHHATA HI SEWA is extended with all social and secular networks to make India proudly say, all the links are centralized though frequencies or gauged abilities otherwise differ at instances.

But all is to maintain country to prosper and be a mirror of democracy of choice with smiling attitudinal behavioural tendencies catering the unfolded by folding practices of extremism while communicating theories and practicality differs as a result of  crime monopoly. The levels of psychological war have yet to set an example to adopt with equal ideologies the mission of SWACHHATA HI SEWA otherwise it denounces its practices itself at all levels of movements of versatility and digital practices. “You can have the best strategic plan and all sorts of goals but it’s the interactions that create the results.”


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