RSS Baptize Mehbooba: Nayeem Khan


RSS Baptize Mehbooba: Nayeem Khan
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Nayeem Ahmad Khan a senior Huriyat (G) leader and chairman of his National Front Party (NFP) say Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti is serving the interests of RSS in Kashmir. He talks at length with our correspondent Rameez Makhdoomi about the ongoing crisis in Kashmir after the killing of top Hizbul Mujahidin commander-Burhan Muzafefr Wani on July 8 which has brought the normal life in valley at standstill and deepened the sense of alienation among Kashmiris towards New Delhi. Here are the excerpts.  

What has resistance movement gained from 2016 agitation so far?

Kashmir has been internationalized to large extent and is once again in focus. For the first time ever countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia are speaking with vocal tones on Kashmir dispute. United Nations is also aggressively speaking and commenting on human rights abuses in Kashmir by Indian state.

Are you hoping of some concrete Confidence Building Measures like demilitarization as an outcome of this agitation?

See, the onus lies on India as it has to shun its obduracy and settle the dispute of Kashmir in a realistic manner. Use of pellet gun in a brutal manner to blind, maim and kill Kashmiris is a big blot on Indian democracy. If India is confident that the pro-freedom struggle and resistance in Kashmir is being sponsored by Pakistan then it should go for plebiscite as giving people of Kashmir their right to self determination is real CBM.

Do you believe that people in 2016 agitation in Kashmir are more angry and resolute and your take on opinions held by some that this agitation will automatically die down?

We need to recognize the current lava of public protest is result of series of scores of human rights violations, use of pellets and pepper gas and with time people are more resolute against tyranny. Normalcy will remain a mirage until or unless India won’t make concrete steps to solve the dispute of Kashmir.

Do you believe that old policy of keeping the issue of Kashmir under the carpet will be followed this time too?

India has been since past seven decades trying to keep the Kashmir dispute under carpet despite three full fledged wars being fought by India and Pakistan over it. Following the failed policy of keeping the Kashmir dispute and holding the Kashmir and its people under barrel of gun will be met with forceful resistance.

How do you view the government stand of calling more forces companies to deal with situation?

The attitude of New Delhi to deal with the peoples movement by force is a big disastrous move as India due to its lust of aggression is pushing Kashmiri youth to wall and reviving gun culture and youth of 2016 is more angry, daring, radicalized and passionate than the 1990’s youth.

How do you view the complaints against youth at some places of smashing ambulances and acting in a rowdy manner?

We have credible reports and it has already been reported that it’s the so called disciplined forces of India who have smashed ambulances not the youth, if at anywhere the youth of Kashmir acts in erratic manner they should be reined in.

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti is stating that current situation will plunge Kashmir into the situations like Syria and Iraq? 

Mehbooba Mufti has lost her mental balance. She should know that there is no comparison between Kashmir and Iraq, Yemen or Syria as those are civil wars, foreign interventions, part of conspiracies against Muslim Ummah while as recent happenings and Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute since seven decades a struggle for right to self determination. It seems that Mehbooba Mufti has been baptized by the RSS.

Is Pakistan policy on Kashmir changing with recent events?

I believe the core policy of Pakistan with reference to its diplomatic and morale support of Kashmir resistance struggle has never changed, yes with getting more stable and fighting internal challenges Pakistan policy is likely to get more active. It is high time that Pakistan launches a diplomatic offensive to aware global community about Kashmir genuine struggle and sufferings.

Your message to youth and others?

Youth are our real investment and they should maintain discipline and create means and ways to help depressed lot. We will never let our youth down. I would also like to appeal to Pandit community to bridle out those fanatic elements who speak against Kashmir cause and are blot on pluralistic ethos of Kashmir.

The interview first appeared in print edition of  August 10 to 17 2016 


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