Watch | RD & PR Diktat For MGNREGA Employees Evokes Resentment, Contractual Staff Threatens Mass Agitation


Watch | RD & PR Diktat For MGNREGA Employees Evokes Resentment, Contractual Staff Threatens Mass Agitation
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Reversing the earlier Circular issued on 24/10/13 by the then Commissioner/Secretary to Government, the current in-charge Secretary to Government has ordered that the annual extension of MGNREGA Contractual Staff working with the Department of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj would be approved by the concerned block officers.

The total strength of the MGNREGA Contractual Staff believed to be around 5000 in number have threatened mass agitation if the order is not revoked by the Department for they fear this new diktat will be another source for greasing the palms of their block and district officers.

“We are not against the circular because we are not sure of our performance, “said John Mohammad state  president JK MGNREGA employees association  adding, “We know it will not only be biased but will also force us to bribe our APR authorities as now we are left to the mercy of their approval.”

Echoing similar concern, another member of the delegation said that the employees will have to now shelve out at least one month salary to the signing authority.

“Instead of framing a policy for all of us the Department is deceitfully trying to throw us out of the Department. Is this our reward for working with dedication and tirelessly on paltry salary,” the delegation said in unison.

The MGNREGA union termed this extension move as step-motherly treatment’’ against Contractual employees. “Why should our extension be left at the mercy and whims of some officers? Why should extension be applied to the Contractual staff only? The bureaucrats should start this practice from themselves.”

The MGNREGA employees said that Jammu and Kashmir is one of the top performing states across the country which vindicates their claim of performing par excellence.

Pertinently, the Circular issued on 24/10/2013 was issued after it was found that the “term of the candidates (employees) is not being extended regularly by the concerned DPCs as per the terms of the selection criteria issued by the Administrative Department.”


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