Plantation Drive: Insemination Of Conservation Spirit In The Future Leaders Of Society


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Mir Shahid

The development track followed by Humanity after industrial revolution changed the narrative of its interrelationship with environment. This Interlinking is so essential for the existence of human beings on earth. The historical records trace the relationship of goodwill and cooperative spirit in Man Environment complex. Primitive man was guided by instinct of Nature as the dictator directing activities of human beings. Immanuel Kant held the belief that “people of extreme climate are lazy and timid”.

This notion in reality served the cause of Nature in maintaining its shape and rhythm. The natural ecological balance present ever since in universe was preserved by our ancestors. However the mismatch of level between Nature and Technological capacity of man in later 18th century changed the earliest belief once far all. It innovated the new world order resting on belief of Possibility provider mechanism.

This narrative impacted the relationship between man and environment by tilting it in favour of growth oriented strategy. Thenceforth the deterioration of environment on pretext of development is on its way. And the traditional forest herbs and medicinal produce was left in lurch due to advancement in science and technology. It as per critics led to serious health issues because of increasing resistance and cost affordability.

This paves way to reorientation of focus on afforestation and significance of medicinal plants. Herein lies space for seminars and programmes to re-establish the glory of win win situation of man environment relationship.

The organization of various programmes at government and non government level is the manifestation of increasing awareness about advantages of plants in environment and human health. Amarsingh College, a reputed educational institution in capital city organised the plantation drive to raise the awareness of multidimensional benefits of plants.

This programme was organised under able leadership of Dr Yasmeena Akhter ( principal Amarsingh college) , Dr Rubaya Sultan (HOD Botany) and Dr Tariq Ashai (HOD Chemistry). The drive was especially put under the guidance and regulation of Dr Tariq Ashai Sahab. This drive was continuing for the whole day on 20th of March 2018. A large number of students gathered for the moment.

It was the 5th semester students who led the race from the front to make the programme successful. The professors tried to inseminate the multi varied benefits of plants. All the students eagerly participated to know about the medical application of plants. The drive was targeted at insemination of conservation spirit in the future leaders of society. It took a visit to the significance of auspicious varieties of trees and plants for the knowledge of students and the society.

This drive was oriented towards the herbs and medicinal plants. The college authorities have established a Botanical Garden inside college premises.  This herbal garden will act as repository of important medicinal and aromatic plants like Dioscorea, Bergenia, Valeriana, Artemisia, Mentha, Lavendula, etc. The significance of the above species has already been proved by the scientific community all over world.

The added advantage of the traditional herbs is their minimum side effects on health of society and their role for conservation of environment. It was Rousseau, a French revolutionary miracle who targeted the mad race of science and pleaded the significance of Nature.

The scientific scope isn’t antagonistic to wilderness but the unscientific and irrational decision making ability lead to loss of infamous wilderness from us. The applicability of the varieties is known to have measurable effect without any harm. This effort will improvise the medicinal usage and indirectly lead to revival of plantation, thus conservation of environment.

The professors uncovered the advantages and the need of plantation for our society. The grace added by scientific instinct of Dr Mukhtar and Dr Tariq Ashai was worthy of site seeing. The drive remained successful with ample participation of students and other faculty members.

The drive was held in presence of eminent guests and other dignitaries. This programme aimed at mood of students especially science students continued for the whole day. It is a point of mention that environmental pollution being all around us and the harmful impact of new medicines on health, there’s a need for organisation of nip and tuck events.

This may prove double edged sword with economic development and environmental sustainability. Amarsingh college took to reigns is on this behalf to prove its credentials of reputed institution. These programmes brings awareness and uncovers hitherto hidden benefits to commoners.

As is said “Father’s hindsight is son’s far sight “. The college authorities tried their best to shape the mental faculty of students towards plantation. The onus lies on other institutions and Government especially Environment Ministry to involve the students in plantation drives for the preservation of medicinal plants and the conservation of environment.

Writer Shahid Majeed Mir hails from Misribehak Machil Kupwara and can be reached at


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