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Since few days some disturbing images of a Kashmiri scholar youth who was pursuing his doctorate in prestigious Aligarh Muslim University has joined the militancy are breaking the internet. The two images of the youth identified as Manan Wani from frontier district Kupwara holding his AK 47 rifle and another picture addressing in which he was addressing an international seminar during his days at University are going viral on the social media.

Mannan Wani

Alongside the images of Manan breaking internet different narratives are being discussed for his decision of joining the militant ranks. While the separatists and pro freedom camp is blaming India for his decision of joining militant ranks for its failure in resolving the Kashmir problem, the Indian government is shifting the blame to Pakistan and separatists accusing them of steering unrest in Kashmir while motivating the youth to opt for gun. Nevertheless, there can be many narratives to this problem of seeing youth especially highly educated class picking up arms in Kashmir, but the bitter truth is that Kashmir is losing the precious and valuable lives.

One of the recent incidents was in Sopore in north Kashmir where four cops paid with their lives during their duty hours after an IED wasp planted beneath them at the duty spot. Due to this growing graph of violence, the life in the valley has become very uncertain and parents continue to worry for the safety of their children. It doesn’t only inflict the physical trauma; however, the families seem emotionally and mentally traumatized. The family of Manan is reportedly one of the well off families with many professionals at home. His family had dreamt a lot for him which is evident from the way he was encouraged for studies.

Manan would not have been the asset for the family only, but for whole Kashmir. When India fought against British rule, majority of those who led the fight against the colonial rule were highly educated. From the creator of Pakistan Ali Mohammad Jinnah to Mahatma Gandhi to Sir Sayed Ahmad Khan all had pursued their studies abroad before joining the freedom movement. Except Bhagat Singh, there is hardly any person who is remembered in many centuries colonial fight for his violent resistance.  However, all those who fought politically and peacefully are dominating the freedom history of India today. Even the world community today doesn’t endorse any violent movement and in fact denounce it.

But yes, world is lacking honest and sincere leadership so is our Kashmir which has led to this 70 year old imbroglio. Be it separatism or mainstream politics, in Kashmir, both the fronts lack vision and honesty and continue to exploit the common people on rhetoric. In absence of true orientation and sincerity, the Kashmir politics is becoming murky with every passing day. The land is carving for the bold leadership with decisive minds and not believing in carrying the baggage of history. Living as a militant has a short life to live. In fact it won’t offer an opportunity to change the system. Death is imminent for everyone not the purpose.

Anyone who comes to this world has a purpose to live and contribute to its progress and prosperity. The youth like Manan are the pillars of our success and losing them is a tremendous loss to the Kashmir society. Losing them so early without serving the real purpose they were born with is a collective loss. These youth who were given everything by the society will be indebted to it. Ideological and political disputes have and will always exist in the world till its end, but it doesn’t justify spilling of human blood always. By joining the political space these youth can always act as torch bearers for change.


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