PDP Making Assessment Of Its Failures: NC


PDP Making Assessment Of Its Failures: NC
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A day after PDP said that it will review its working with BJP and then decide about next government formation, Opposition National Conference senior leader and Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani Friday said that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is making assessment of its ‘failures’ to decide whether to repeat ‘alliance blunder with BJP’ or not.

“PDP leadership is aware about its failures. They know what they have been talking in public were only sweet lies. Flood victims' plight was ignored, state government failed to pursue developmental and financial issues with centre.

The ten months of PDP-BJP government was the worst era in the history of state,” Wani told KNS over phone. 

He added that PDP is making assessment of its failures. “The delay in forming the government is because of this thinking. Now, PDP is thinking whether to repeat the alliance blunder with BJP or not,” he said.

He said cracks have also developed within PDP on forging alliance with BJP.
“The senior leaders of PDP are openly opposing forming alliance with communal forces.

The cracks within party are visible. It is ultimately the PDP leadership that has to listen to its conscience and decide,” he said.
“The mindset of the party has changed after the PDP-BJP government proved failure.

With the confusion, the government has even failed to finalize the 2015-2016 plan for the state,” he said.

While asking PDP to not test patience of people, Wani said that if PDP thinks that they have failed to deliver then they should accept the defeat and should go for re-elections in the state.

“In case, PDP is willing to forge an alliance once again with BJP then they should go for it as the people are facing tough times due to absence of government,” he said.

He said that despite accepting its failure on ground, PDP is power hungry and due to which they don’t want to leave the chair.

“PDP has misleaded people over Toto ground issue as during their rule they celebrated the day and after losing power they are saying that army is refusing to vacate the land,” he said, adding that if they will collect the data of every minister then they will come to how miserably they have failed to deliver to the people.

Wani said the "dream" of late Mufti Sahab has confused them as the party is yet to know whether the dream is of BJP or PDP. “The way PDP has governed the state clearly indicates that it’s BJP’s dream,” he said. (KNS)


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