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Sadaf Khan

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Everything changes, nothing ever stays the same. Role reversal is the biggest reality of life, the parents who look after us once, need the same care and love from us when they step in aging phase of life. If we take care of our children then what pulls us back in taking the responsibility of our elder parents. The thing which struck me is no one ever questions that if we look after our children then  why not to look after parents as the heart of aged persons is as like as the heart of children. Nowadays no one wants to think about their parents because of the mindset that they are liabilities on them.

 Why everybody ignores the time of childhood, as how our parents used to care for us, how they used to listen the stories of our teddy bear, how they woke for the whole night when we got sick. Now it’s our responsibility to look after them as they are getting older day by day. Only care is not sufficient for their survival, they need more and more attention, more love, more respect, and so on.

One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.  –  Jim Rohn.

Many parents are abandoned by their children. Some of them become homeless beggars. The aging parents are turning out to be the most neglected demographic in our society. Yet, the social values also exist. Some do care of their aged parents and become an inspiration for the next generations.

Taking care of parents is a God given responsibility and also an honour and privilege. Because of the aging phase they become more dependent but that doesn’t mean we should treat them like children. As the fact is they are mature beings with their own thoughts and feelings. So we should help them to get involved in works if they wish.

Many women say that if the responsibility of parents has been given to them then no parent would be helpless and homeless but I think if every woman treats her in-laws as her own parents then seriously there will be an amountable change. Entire family is responsible for the care of aging parents.

In current era no one gets much time to look after aging generation all the time, still we should arrange a family meeting for ‘the talk’, find out their needs and wishes, listen to them always, never shout on them, taking their advices etc etc…

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors. –  Tia Walker.

Let’s put our hands on and promise with ourselves that we will never let our parents in such disastrous conditions. I love you mom dad.

The author is the student of first year in bio-tech at Govt Boys’ degree college, Baramulla.

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