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Life is precious and one has to endorse it with natural guidelines to shape welfare of the masses at large irrespective of any caste, colour and creed to prove that human of this modern global village aspires right to live despite of odds being faced individually or collectively. 

Zahoor Ragi

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Being human means to have bunch of feelings to secure natural beauties including every creation that makes our life worth and care for human structure complexities those repeal ages and shut the doors of life before which such instances are treated and managed, quotes social scientist, Amorist.

Remembering the episodes or events of my childhood those would define humanity, a hen coming under a tyre of a vehicle would mean penalty and shameful act, to maintain moral component of humanity for which the offender would pay on spot feeling ashamed of having not proved his character and driving skills. The sanctity of license would get maligned by way of such acts which otherwise would be taken care of by the issuing authorities. Gone are the days, gone are the feelings and the dawn of inhuman fractions is at its rise to show materialistic approach in day to day life, where breath of a person never matters and lives at risk during ambulatory services are seen shattered by every sect of society, community. Good percentage of people though developed seem in the race of fast track system losing the essence of welfare of people at large rating proper education too low that some natural force or authoritative structure  has to trigger the hearts of such human race.

Life is precious and one has to endorse it with natural guidelines to shape welfare of the masses at large irrespective of any caste, colour and creed to prove that human of this modern global village aspires right to live despite of odds being faced individually or collectively. People would dream of any harsh spell of life earlier but today life itself has become so harsh that many live to earn but ultimately land into losing its essence too early and end up with no achievements of human behaviour contributions and justifications. So life itself has many issues today, to see comforts of future generations but among the worst encounters, ambulatory service are being ignored dismissing thereby moral responsibilities and ethics of life. People at large and driver community in particular put the lives those need emergency management at risk, where again society is at the verge of losing its credibility and response of human behaviour.

To streamline unresolved issues of such nature, research based vision full authoritative characters play a vital role to promote and enhance human values.  Directorate of Health Services Kashmir under the well defined research based mind setup took an initiative for promoting smooth and clear roads for ambulatory services in order to manage emergencies with all possible efforts in coordination with the Traffic Police Authorities. Meetings held in this regard revealed redesigning the structure of hassle free transportation to treat and manage emergencies of any nature.

An outcome of innovative importance consensus came into existence where people at large and patient care in particular could be put to solace and hassle free transportation services with the help of woven coordinative structure of communications. Directives were visible on the ground which still prove beneficial and in turn pay dividends of action oriented human services placed at various levels at block, district and divisional levels.  Police Control Room sounded well by  providing of landline numbers to set the routes hassle free for managing of any emergency services.

Department of Health Services Kashmir consciously carried on the decisions taken in the meeting and circulated the numbers to hold the breaths at the verge of sighing last.  The practice is on within the Department of Health Services today but I would urge the people to take an initiative to call any number in order to get cleared the roads on having glimpse of any ambulance on the road side within gridlock. The essence of life is to share the knowledge to comfort one and all.

People at large do not find time for catchy smiles, laughters but at least triggering their own hearts can make a difference to feel about others, which too is lacking within the present races. So if you find any ambulance within the gridlock, do not hesitate to dial Traffic Control Room Landline numbers 450022 /485396 requesting the recipient to get the ambulance cleared, giving all the details required especially location of ambulance. Their response through woven coordinative network can prove beneficial to save a life. This way at least every one of us will earn a deed to cover our sins. The patient being carried by the ambulance can be our next relation behind the screen which everybody among us has to understand though we all belong to ummah of humanity. So Oh humans, I appeal to trigger your hearts and be with the sufferers at least with a click of justice to define character of human related services.   

The services are in place because of untiring efforts of Department of Health Services Kashmir and Police Authorities, just in the interest of patient care. These services can be availed by Tertiary Care Hospitals even by way of educating their staff to coordinate with the concerned and set the route plan to manage emergencies with no gridlock on way or to have red light set into green well in advance.

As a child, innocence and feeling the pains would always make me to wonder for justifications of moment to live. Society or the community background would define collective conscience to reject any hypocratic or anti-social castings those would mean lethal for the breath of souls. At every level conscience would make the communities at large to smile and paste socio-psychological perceptions while discussing the issues of society or community at large. The wonders would evolve a strategy to march with the flag of conquering the hearts defining pains out of knowledge, experience and decisive capabilities. *A hen, if crushed under the tyres of two wheeler, four wheeler or otherwise would mean a loss to society, community and resentment would define cost to the holder of the asset. The pains would master the art of living.

World has projected at the hands of so-called political services an interventional projections of multidimensional crisis mechanism wherein no one can relate to justify life at common levels. So better to trigger the hearts before life leaves us at a juncture where deeds of concern or human relationship scatters our souls to the extent possibilities of inhuman characteristics.

Note: (This article is an outcome of ugliest human gesture when Tertiary Care Hospital ambulance was seen stranded and fighting for way out at Idd Gah Crossing but I did my bit)


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