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Adnan Dar

Photo: Arif Teli

Photo: Arif Teli

All of us are familiar with Yo Yo Honey Singh one of the most famous rappers and one among the highest paid music directors of the country. Honey Singh has made his own name and enjoys a great fan fallowing especially females all over the country. Some aspire to sing like him while others who fail try to copy his peculiar life style and fashion. From hair cut to attires-interestingly, in every street

and market, there are number of youths spotted in typical Honey Singh style.

In Apple town Sopore of North Kashmir don’t be surprised if you come across the replica of Honey Singh here.  

Ubaid- a young boy is not an ordinary fan of Yo Yo. He is a complete replica of Yo Yo. From dressing sense to hair cut style, he resembles to this music rapper.  In fact people know him better as Yo Yo of small town instead of his real name Ubaid.

Though the Yo Yo is enjoying the life of celebrity and earning his name and fame, but this small town boy is the outcome of his personal tragedies due to which he lost his mental balance and personal identity.

Ubaid was born in a middle class family but only few years after his birth he lost his father who was a lone bread winner and since then Ubaid and his mother worked to sustain their family which includes his one younger sister. He worked as a labourer and performs several odd jobs in order to earn money for his poverty stricken family. What twisted his life further, in 2010 when the whole valley was up in arms against the civilian killings by army in staged encounter in Mahcil of Kuwara Ubaid too joined the protesting crowds. Police detained him many times and put behind the bars. He was accused of stone pelting and fomenting trouble. Once he stepped out of the jail, his friends say Ubaid lost the mental balance and started wandering into the streets. 

While wandering into the streets Ubaid started listening hit songs of Yo Yo on his cell phone and subsequently fell in love with his songs. While the popularity of Yo Yo is gradually declining, his replica in pore town succeeded in maintaining his tag in all these years.

Not in senses quite often disturbed and illiterate Ubaid aims to become the district police chief. But he never wants to change the life style he adopted for years.

However, in his neighbourhood people maintain that Ubaid requires a psychological therapy and can fully recover. “He lost the mental balance to the tragedies that struck his life. He needs proper treatment to recover. But unfortunately he has nobody behind except his old mother who can care for him,” says one of his neighbours.

A local shopkeeper says that Ubaid is a nice person and talented boy. He is fascinated with the police and wants to serve but people make fun of his desires and taunt him.  


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