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Hashim Lone

Kashmir is known for its wonderful mouth watering food. People believe that good food usually leads to a good sleep at night. Now with this belief after a day’s work people in Kashmir often throng to the fast food outlets in evening alongside the roads and relish the different mouth watering cuisines. As we are in the last leg of holy Ramadhan and few days left for the annual religious festival Eid-ul fitr, the people have already started preparations to make best cuisines at their respective homes.

Needless to say, any event or festival in Kashmir without the wazwan is incomplete.

The Kashmir has always been the favourite destination for food lovers especially for non vegetarians. Its wazwan has a global outreach for its unmatched taste and tops the list among all foods served in the world.

This has given subsequently the rise to the fast food outlets in valley. Here we are making a list of food outlets you may come across on the streets of Kashmir where you should not miss to taste. 

1.Tujj (Barbeques)

The tastiest and yummiest off all the street foods, Tujj is minced mutton or beef baked over hot red embers using skewers. It is said that you are not a true food lover, if you have not tasted the barbeque. It is served with a variety of chutneys and traditional Kashmiri bread called lawasa.


This is the mixture of fresh vegetables, curd and some special spices to prepare it, which adds beauty to the taste. Each (chutney) condiment has a different flavour and taste. These condiments are served with Kashmiri bread lawasa.

3. Nader monje (fried lotus stem)

This dish is prepared by coating lotus stems with rice or gram flour and then deep frying them in oil. Nader monje is fried lotus stem served with spicy onion chutney.

4. Gaad monje (fried fish)

 It is also a yummiest dish, deep fried fish in butter or oil, with flour and some special ingredients (spices)

5. Rista (meat ball)

A delicious Kashmiri recipe, popular in taste and takes a lot of efforts to prepare, made of mutton and beef meat balls in red spicy gravy.

6. Karrae (fried peas)

 Tasty and crispy, prepared with fried peas, flour and other spices. The light fried peas are best in salty taste.

6. Monje Aanchar

 Monje aanchar is a traditional aanchar prepared from kholrabies. It is an authentic vegetable pickle very rich in taste.

7. Kebabs

Kebabs are the most popular Kashmiri appetizer. Usually served with chutneys and dips by road-side street food makers. Kebabs are made with minced mutton or beef meat and mild spices.

The article editorial appeared in print edition of June 21-27, 2017. 





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