Let Humanity Prevail


Let Humanity Prevail
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It is to be said that when you face the injustice and hopelessness, a lawyer comes to your mind. He exudes your confidence, hope and positivity when the rest of system rejects you. This is the last hope where a common person expects that he is not only heard, however, he is being treated equal and justly irrespective of his political, social and religious beliefs.

The judicial system of India is not based on religious lines. It is as per the constitution, which is supreme and gives hopes to everyone who even sometimes feels dejected by the religious decrees and religious courts.

In certain cases in the ultra-conservative societies of this diverse land, the judicial system comes to rescue of victims who suffer to the uncivilized customs based on cultural, social or religious grounds.

Regrettably, the hope faded away a week back in the small Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir when a bunch of lawyers attempted to block the way of justice for eight-year-old girl.

The eight-year-old girl was kidnapped, sedated, raped repeatedly before being crushed with stones and then thrown into the bushes of forests few kilometres away from her home by her neighbours- apparently sharing the religious animosity with her and the tribe. 

When the Crime Branch acted and arrested the accused and collected the chilling evidence of their involvement, they faced unexpected at the highest temple of democracy. Over a dozen layers attired in black coat stood to affirm in front of the vehicle of Crime Branch outside the court stopping them to file the charge sheet against the accused.

The worse was when the team of CB who did a commendable job had to wait for five hours at the residence of Chief Judicial Magistrate to accept the challan against accused.

Three months back when this ghastly act against the humanity took place instead to ensure the swift action against the accused, the two ministers from the BJP went to the trouble spot and joined the rally of hundreds of people held under the national flag by “Hindu Ekta Manch (HEM)”.

HEM was formed immediately after this heinous crime took place and police acted after the government in the Assembly which was in session was cornered by some legislatures who demanded probe into the case.

HEM rallied across the towns of Kathua and villages and attempted to garner the support from people to build pressure on the government to hush up the crime and give it a communal colour.

Two legislatures from the BJP and some key Congress leaders joined the Manch to garner the political mileage. The incident, however, failed to catch the attention with media being selective to reportage particularly in Jammu. Majority or the newspapers and news channels in the Jammu region remained unmoved notwithstanding the magnitude of the crime.

Actively supporting this ghastly act, the Bar association Jammu and Kathua even didn’t receive any condemnation until the incident came into the world limelight. The wretchedness incurred on victim girl took three months and eventually an article in the America based influential New York Times newspaper woke up national media to start a campaign for the justice to victim.

The crime widely and disgracefully divided the humanity on religious lines though, off late lots of saner voices rose to the support for the young victim. While one looks at the brighter side of this dark tragedy the people who committed this unholy act at the holy place follow the Hindu belief.

But those who did the commending job to unearth it also follow the same God. Evidently making it loud and clear to the insane voices that no religion in the world can be of devilish nature and every religion stands for the humanity.

However, it is the human being who tries to exploit everything in his favour to satisfy his greed and unholy desires.

For the civilized world supporting humanity shall be the supreme duty instead of justifying the crime for your disbelief about another person’s religious beliefs. Those who stand mum and watch the humanity being disgraced equally must join their hands and rise above their personal beliefs.

Any boast of this heinous act will continue to encourage the criminal minds in the society and the humanity may face another shame anytime.


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