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On Monday hundreds of students blocked the road on the city’s fashionable Maulan Azad Road. The protest was led by young girls who despite the thick presence of security forces tried to stop the traffic on one of the city’s busiest roads leading to chaos and confusion among commuters. The students were up in arms against the university officials for two reasons.

One the examination process was deliberately delayed instead of holding exams semester wise, the exams were conducted after 18 months and students lost precious months and when results were declared most of the students were shown failed in the subjects. Even bright students who performed well in the previous exams were shown failed in various subjects. And when students tried to get their papers and marks evaluated, the officials simply refused. Even the top university officials conveyed to the students that they have no option but to prepare for fresh exams that left students frustrated and dejected. Many students feel that university has lost all the records and marks have been prepared without any authenticity. Losing hope students found no other option but to come on roads against the flawed examination system.

Instead of getting the issue resolved by the administration, the issue was left to police to handle it and they used cane charge and tear smoke shells on the protesting students to disperse them who were just seeking photo copies of their answer sheets. Majority of 36000, the number revealed by protesting students, who appeared in exams were shown failed that raised many an eyebrows.

How could it be possible that most of the students couldn’t qualify even after two years of examination? The demand of students is genuine and government should take notice on this. Over the past three decades Kashmir is facing an absolute institutional failure and there is no accountability in the system. The power of bureaucracy has grown unbridled and stay unmoved on their failures that often prompt the common people to hit on roads. Infect they doesn’t even give their ears to the directions of government and always try to sabotage the pro people initiatives where the powers have chances of decentralization.

The recent protest of students on the roads of summer capital is a glaring example which didn’t even move the varsity authorities an inch from their adamant attitude. Using force against the people who protest for their genuine demands is an indication of systematic failure of government and it always wants to muzzle the genuine voices. Given to the magnitude of issue of these young students, the government instead of leaving them dejected should have assured them all possible support to earn their trust.

But unfortunately the students who claimed to have been visiting university for many days before coming on roads to seek their matter resolved were left dejected by the authorities. The question we need to ponder here why the competent institute like Varsity had no solution to the problem. The government must ask and see in which capacity the officials are functioning there.

Our younger generation is alienated on every front. They have no space in Kashmri’s political room while as they are often pushed to go on roads for one or the other reason. While the truth is that they are actually the future leaders and system needs to own them and groom them accordingly instead made their behaviours aggressive. Evident from the past the brutal use of force against the youngsters has always backfired to the system and in a sensitive valley always pushes them to the alienation.

The need of the hour is to set the system in order and bring accuracy and accountability in the public institutions. The government without wasting any time should order university to allow students to examine their marks sheet which is their right otherwise most of the students will think that university hide its lacunae and has made them scapegoat. Even government should order a high level inquiry headed by an honest officer to look into this grievance. The pro youth initiative will certainly bridge the trust deficit between the alienated youth and the government.


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