Is Hooking A Crime Or Specialty?


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Zahoor Ragi

Socio-fabric terminology itself speaks of issues related to comforts and reasonable life entertainments. Natural perceptions within the soul remain unchanged but hypothesis of materialistic world makes the body to develop fractures, unimagined and unbelievable.

Such unimagined and unbelievable remains of life itself caste shadows by enhancing capabilities to regret but time factor differentiation puts question mark on it. Recognizing the terminology of people expressions and expectations as such differs at various levels of societies or communities.

Globally accepted fact remains that underdeveloped countries never afford to project and fulfill the communication gaps those would give meaning to life. This happens because the common masses are the real stakeholders and part of the system that has the implementation role.

The communication gaps within the systems at large even risk lives where miseries are the outcome and derailed structures are resultant fractures of any governance. Guessing developments and dreaming projects of safety in the interest of human satisfaction seeks proper guidance and role to be played for information, education and communication in order to settle issues of concern.

Today analyzing the structure of our living standards social evils are on rise and count numerous. Social evils lead to uncontrolled behavioural tendencies within the inter-related dilemma of understanding and perceptional attitude of sustenance, quotes, Amorist, social scientist while observing the situations of social behavioiural tendencies and communication skills of various sects of societies.

Among the numerous evils one of the evil being debated is hooking. Clever and crazy give it the name an ability of managing disobedience within legalized role of conscience. Though a crime but borne on the character of stakeholders who serve the purpose on inter-related systematic considerations seems now a specialty.  Hooking proves disaster for neighborhood while using the bamboos to disrupt electric lines of neighbour. Darkness of neighbour is being enjoyed as loyalty towards specialty of society.

Checking and cross checking procedures being debated without implementation is essence of stakeholders. They talk about saving energy on one side and on the other side upholds the unrecognized theatre of art within their own set up. Belief of its non-existence for future generations because of the unwarranted usage serves better in papers or researches. But the crime does not lose charm in our society. But still the crime is being carried on in the context of non-availability of supply or enjoyment of timely threat to cook and fry bread for the breath of life.

Today within our society or community hundreds of disasters are on rise and seeking recognition within common thought. But the hooking is a crime being played for entertainment using stairs available at ease within premises. This goes unnoticed today but future notice shall quote the character being played by various involved sects of our societies. 

Meter installation played definite role for availability of electricity that served the purpose of its role model visionaries who proved guiding force to have visible impact on ground.  Network of inter-related and inter-personal attitudinal tendencies of society dragged it to the level of war. The war that is yet to be fought with moral strength and laws those stand lost within the materialistic and socio-fabric structure today. Here the unrecognized disaster of times is on rise putting future generations at stake.

Streamlining the system needs character that seems absent within the perceptions of overall communities of the stake holders to invest honestly and explore possibilities of reaching out to the people with kits of understanding. The stake holders fall short of manpower. Manpower utilized otherwise suffers on earning basis that lays foundation for practices of corruption in the field.  Manpower has to be loaded with sincere confession of serving with zeal to rectify the faults but faults come out of the services rendered by the so-called sharing platform of employees having no options to share responsibility.

Resting on the shoulders of the manpower that has less say but more corrupt practices in the field appears unjustified.  The call of the conscience has rested in the filth and dirt of day to day needs. The paid instances raise unjustified versions against unhooked quarters of choice to compel the consumers to consume by way of illegal means. The hooking is on rise but the sun of it hides in the collective conscience of versatile manpower who opposes honesty to justify by working against the laws of corporation or human circle. 

The meters installed project worst while the readings are noted or bills provided to consumers are justified by other versions of transformation to prove efficient system of administration. The administrative reforms are being ignored to the extent what has appeared as dream of bosses to desist honesty. Socio-economic tendencies are to be taken care of by way of balancing between government and marketing to judge market against projection of services being provided.

The human resource development with attitude of serving and achievement of targets has to be introduced to ensure that practices are legal but justified too if the consumers complain. There have been the instances when complainants are made to bow when asked to move from door to door.

The human resource in the field has to be geared up by way of frequent inspections which the department is lacking behind now. Though versions of acts and laws are in place with enforcing agencies to practice but practicing attitude because of one or the other reasons remains hidden capability.

The delegation of powers to ensure ways and means of providing services needs to be adhered to in order to allow the consumers live better with pace of honest confessions. Excessive intervention and supervision by the government has to be explored for better regulations of the department.

Though, Rome was not built in a day but our state with the resources available has remained far behind if visualized in terms of managing and practicing crux of identities. The problems need addressing at an earliest or it will take years to build again what till now has been dealt otherwise. The improvement of socio-economic crisis and consumers real consumption are the targets to master the art of regulation while as regulation is affected by the characteristics of unjustified souls on either side.


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