Gravitational Waves: Mystery Solved


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Mir Shahid

Maverick Einstein played everlasting innings in contest between theory and practice. The dimension of informational purpose transcended oft-repeated barriers to evolve in today’s more consolidated form what we call as Specialisation of Knowledge. Ancient civilizations thrived on specifics of amalgamated form of knowledge, whose relevance from Greek period is amply clear. There was no distinctive approach to different orientations of knowledge and absence of subsequent pattern of education to acquire it. After many centuries the significance got amplified which aroused relevance for specialisation of subjects to transcend the barriers in crystal clear manner for mastery in specific field. Like the mastery of space science, all other branches evolved with inter dynamic strategies and inter linked approaches in tandem to their basics.

Like others changed the fate of Physics as well which acquires illuminating spot among the branches of science thanks to its specific attribute of Natural and Natural Phenomenons.It assisted other subjects and came handy to their respective dimensions with different orientations. Physics got renewed interest by each passing day and thereby amplified its orientations towards much wider patio temporal context –Assistance in exploration of space and thus paved way to varying horizons. Maverick Einstein played everlasting innings in contest between theory and practice. He remained one of such guiding stars who toed the line towards tide for physics to spread its tangles, who quantified such horizons, thanks to THEORY OF RELATIVITY.

His worthiness predicted a Long time ago Gravitational waves as small ripples in space time in spatial context arising due to movement of space (giant explosion of stars in exo universal sphere), because the amplitude of these ripples is so small to quantify. In layman’s language it’s collision between stars say which give rise to huge packets of concentrated energy that dash across universe with speed of light, commonly know thereafter as GRAVITATIONAL WAVE. However the prediction doesn’t augur well for some sections of scientific community due to incapacity of technology at avail till it consumed decades of time for confirmation in recent past. There remained only an indirect support for theoretical basis. US National Science Foundation came with a bolt from blue to everyone with claim to record direct ripples of space time. The highly elusive gravitational waves have been finally detected. This report contains a multifaceted orientation, thus opening Pandora’s Box for space time analysis and subsequent reach to origin of universe. The subsequent report by LIGO’s (laser interferometer and gravitational wave observatory) two independent stations received one more signal which they expect to be from giant star explosion some 1 billion years ago. The time from geological space time scale contains many epochs of time scale, thus paving way to unravel hidden mysteries of our universe which hitherto might have remained covered in world of ideas.

On nature and application analysis they demand thorough analysis seeing their multi dimensional importance. The so called gravitational waves are named because of their origin due to mass thus indicating a connection of any mass moment of particles which hold the planet in tandem ( rotation and revolution of planets etc).With such a great time sphere of travel they shall hold a suitable amount of knowledge with respect to universe. They are assigned to massive events due to negligible amplitude and subsequently open new vistas opportunity for analysis to such events which hide the great mysteries themselves. Be it expansion of universe, the existence black holes , the dark energy and dark matter mysteries etc . They promise a wider sphere of analysis ranging to diverse departmental excellence in physics. As an analogy they prescribe certain conditionalities to accept any theoretical concept like what happened to De Broglie on dual nature of waves which was Confirmed later. For this section of physics to venture deeper into the analysis of deeper exploration to consolidate the facts relevant to universe of dark matter and dark energy. At some instance we may gauge the concept of HIGGS BOSON from same orientation which is being criticised from various sections due to our incapacity to corner the elements through relevant techniques. India also dared to dabble in this vast field to assist the unravelling of vast unexplored ocean of facts behind such mystery by allocating a modest sum to establish one such station on nip and tuck lines of LIGO.

To conclude is to remind the saying” to destruct the old order one should be ready to reconstruct new in its place otherwise the whole process is nirvana fallacy”. That is to say dual nature of light changed the mood of physics on arrival of explanation to photoelectric effect by Einstein. The Mystery of Gravitational waves in similar lines is juggernaut on its way which would amplify its presence in times to come. The time has come when we are thinking to colonise MARS through onslaught inventory technological solutions. This it may be handy to deeply involve into past theorising concepts to uncover what still hides from fore.

Writer Shahid Majeed Mir hails from Misribehak Machil Kupwara and can be reached at


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