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Author: Zahoor Ragi

Theories, books & quotations are subject to overall acceptance by a common thought which of course may differ. Difference is because of overall ability to read, understand, analyze and quote thereby justifying the versions.

But, ignoring that a person cannot be read within shortest possibility and quoting otherwise his/her unpredictable behaviour seems unjustified.

Behaviour as a whole is science encompassing all disciplines that explore activities and interactions among organisms in the natural and beautified world of ours.

Involvement of systematic analysis and investigation of human behaviour is subject to controlled and naturalistic observation and planned experimentation, enabling to accomplish legitimate, objective conclusion through rigorous formulations and observations which with the vision of exploring psychological, psychobiological and cognitive sciences can easily be done at the ground level.

Taking dimensions of behaviour into consideration, Kashmiri character has been characterized as simplicity, sincerity, honesty and above all dedication but certain periods of history proved disastrous for overall behavioral consistence and persistence of behavioural structure for him which cannot be given cognizance on the basis of duration and labeled as unpredictable.

Overall characterization of Kashmiri behaviour has been with excellence of delivering their services for the welfare of humanity, hospitality, Protocolic persistence and existence of art, literature, culture with developments of religious harmony within even tragic and  unparliamentarily situations which would otherwise, have led the things altogether different.

Social systematic behaviour as quoted rightly by visionary personalities does not show any evidence of unpredictability but Kashmiri having been subject to contrast in different unparliamentarily situations, was compelled to change his behavioural attitude with the passage of time as per the situations.

An unfavourable situation can without any doubt lead to any disastrous situation out of unjustified pulls, pressures, suppression out of which common person living on the land cannot be labeled as unpredictable.

Kashmiri till date has an everlasting global image of honesty, justifications, social behaviour, and exemplary attitude of serving humanity at various levels irrespective of having some of the exceptions who create an image otherwise.

From the time of one man show to the so called democratic set up, Kashmiri has stood by in every situation in order to find peace, tranquility, sustenance of life with enthusiastic ethical practices and above all his verdict of conduct for betterment of humanity.

No doubt, behavioural sciences do take us to the events of Kashmiri whose efforts could shape their caliber by way of inventing certain things but politically the things would frame them as anti political managements of system, which again proved distress, disregard of being qualified and created unethical practices of system which should otherwise have honoured and paid heed to efficiency of Kashmiri where other means, given name of unpredictability could be contained easily.

Unpredictability is a practice to deal with unjustified and unlawful acts thus cannot be justified without any rhyme or reason.  

Enigmatic Kashmiri or a faithful servant of his Lord  could do wonders with possible resources but the desires of improving the system as a whole had to surrender to the ruling set ups. 

At the end of the day, when Kashmiri is framed and designed, it reflects his sincerity, honesty, dedication, ability to sustain and carry on the load of distress, stress, socio-economic and socio-psycho constraints /practices those make him dare to ask who is enigmatic, Kashmiri or the analyzer.

If Kashmiri is given a platform to shape and design his behavioural efficiency and calibre , he will certainly leave aside all the brains of global importance but political history of suppression and oppression has left no way to carry the procedures to logic end of history.

Unfortunate, if people keep quoting and reproducing theories of others, about their own groups, classes and communities and are unable to interpret, share and conclude without sharing their acquired life style, knowledge and above all experience, with their community, to develop a single character around, is of course a disaster that may take us years again to develop, though we are developed but with limitations of facilities & opportunities.

Thus yet one has to own the responsibility of offering one plate form to many contestants in order to keep pace with ethical developments of groups, classes and communities at large which can shape our future by debating and concluding as real part of humanity to serve and leave space for others to join the rivers which keep on flowing with song of togetherness ,that gives meaning to even a small drop of rain ,joining the river for fulfilling the dream of togetherness in order to give meaning to development, taste and character to life itself.

The author is writer and social activist and also serves as PRO to the health services Kashmir.


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