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JK Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti apologies to the Yatris over militant attack {Photo: The Legitimate}

Few days ago, the pictures of yatris rescued by Kashmiris after their bus met to an accident somewhere in South Kashmir went viral on social media. The pictures were shared with the pride by the people of Kashmir and termed it as the real Kashmiryat.

Scores of Kashmiris gathered around the bus which met to an accident and instantly started the rescue operation. Barely few days later on Monday in the same Anantnag district of south Kashmir militants killed six yatris after they launched the attack on the army convoy. The police confirm that the attack was aimed on government forces but unfortunately yatris were caught in the crossfire.

The police further maintained that the Yatris had violated the rules and travelled without any registration at a time when the security cover was removed. In a volatile Kashmir, the pilgrims can be held responsible for taking risk and moving out without following the safety protocols. But there are lakhs of non Kashmiris in Kashmir for the jobs, education and other purposes and all cannot be offered the security cover.

Though the government is ensuring the fool proof security to the pilgrims, the lakhs of tourists travelling across the length and breadth of picturesque valley have no security cover during their visit. It makes them vulnerable too though so far no such unfortunate incident happened in recent past. The growing vulnerability in Kashmir and the looming threat of uncertainty in political space of Kashmir proves detrimental for its stability.

The attack doesn’t only amounts to the gross human rights violations in fact also serves the deep wounds to the ailing economy of Kashmir. In the last several years due to continuous political uncertainty, the economy of Kashmir has crushed and the considerable section of people relying on the tourism has suffered the enormous. Today across the streets of Kashmir, the tourist footfalls have got reduced substantially. There is no booking of hotels during the peak season of tourism. Such attacks only further deteriorate the economic conditions of people. In fact it will also serve the blow to the Kashmir on diplomatic front which tries to pursue its case within the civil society of India. Every good thing done in the past is being undone by such acts.

The valour and the humanity exhibited by the youths of the town where the incident occurred needs to be promoted at the collective level in the society. According to reports hundreds of youths rushed to the hospital where the pilgrims were admitted to offer them the support and blood and condemned the act. The positivity is that the youth of Kashmir have realized that such acts of killing an unarmed human beings is unislamic. On the other side, the Jammu region which instantly reacted to the attack and called for the Jammu Bandh must stop politicizing the issue.

The civil society of Jammu must come forward to make Jammauties understand that the attack had no consent from the people of Kashmir. They equally condemn and deplore this inhuman act. Behaving irrationally and reacting hyper-sensitively to it we are making the resolve of such forces envy to peace, stronger. Let’s collectively condemn it and set the mark of difference where the humanity is hailed and the harmony prevails. 


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