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The war of conflicts needs opinion and the opinions strategies to resolve issues of concern. The modern sociologists while declaring the war against the unethical war of political crisis all over the world have been even shouldered by the intellectual classes of various societies and communities besides responsive human justifications.

Zahoor Ragi

Screening the nourished beauties of Jammu and Kashmir include every bit of living or dead those even today define the purpose and importance of unmanageable conflict to give a life of peace and prosperity.

Conflict within a conscious or unconscious situation has its own impact upon every component which may be direct or indirect to the extent of damages which proves lethal for a society or community that defines collectively opinions of opposition.

Politics with hardliners never can observe any pains or agonies but instead carry on their version their way claiming “protection of rights and life for betterment of masses at large”. Ideologies of such type without the limitations of character ultimately lead to conflict among the people who are being governed with arrogance of deviated political gains.

The history of our land defines the character to limit the yardsticks to their designs of democratic set ups. Alas, people do understand but sail in boat of sufferings. Keeping pace with sentiments spells unjustified attitude to vote for better politics and deliverance of goods under flag of “nourishing the conflict”. Does it hold good today for us to sit and watch the careers of future being dragged into controversies or should one stand up to reclaim building of character to define democracy with a cool attitude of vision.

If this conflict cannot be resolved by the people it has to continue to lead a life of peace and prosperity. I hope educated youth of today can make such differences and play their role in the upcoming challenges and choices by way of sensitizing the public at large to defend the dreams of living better.

When asked about the opinion most of the people say that it has to be resolved with the help of public representatives but failed to understand the colours being labelled at by one or the other party representatives leaving thereby the decision up to the public which has to be taken care of by people itself. So sentiments should not be considered but due considerations come out of cool and entertaining descriptions of times. Sentiments take indecisive turns within and lead to deciding factors which may not even prove beneficial for masses in the long run.

Let the running be decisive to calculate the ethics of life and moral justifications of times. The deal takes toll and the toll takes into the ocean of restlessness and scarcity of times to come. Hardliner or the soft leads of politics are to be debated but a platform within the individual character needs to be evaluated to collective efforts proving thereby collective thought to enhance peace and prosperity to the sufferers or the people who still have no say ,though they live a life within their own community.

Therefore, being not late, one has to own responsibility to deliver services of character even if voting takes its pace with so many new faces available. Measuring the devastating faces of politics shall not ever realize the comfort of people at large and conflicts of times hammer the realized goals. Being appropriate time to calculate future without coming under the influence of any quote, collective measures need to be taken because every erected house does not project deficiencies to limit the peace of life.

Need of the hour to strategize efficiency for better politics to improve governance has to be reflected. People can project within, explore collectively irrespective of anyone delivering addresses or asking for vote to defend their images of justified or unjustified attitudes, those have lead the masses with moral or immoral  masks on their faces. While analyzing the situations, political analyzers quote ,if the lead by the people as per their wish is not being taken care of, the system may again derail or subject the masses to practices of unethical war and leave the wounds unhealed , souls restless and pace of life in distress.

Ignoring the practices of self otherwise shall lead to unhealthy structures of politics, so let the moral support guard everyone to see the living or dead are decorated with a life visible on the ground which shall definitely give meaning to the system at large and bruised souls in particular. The strategy has to be confidence of individuals with collective society efforts to set exemplary dimensions of peace for one and all. Gradually remarkable strategic approaches shall definitely paste smiles where authoritative considerations can prove successful with least dimensions of negligible importance.

The war of conflicts needs opinion and the opinions strategies to resolve issues of concern. The modern sociologists while declaring the war against the unethical war of political crisis all over the world have been even shouldered by the intellectual classes of various societies and communities besides responsive human justifications. But all leads of crimes engulf scenarios of times to opine otherwise. The zones of conflict or the zones of opinion never stand together when the sentiments of various individuals get hurt and approaching the scholarly strategies the interventional political options opine opposite while judging the crisis of any nature.

The challenges of conflict, opinion and strategy remain under the influence of governance that definitely needs grilling while selling the mechanism of moral or ethical support. The world over state of affairs viewed by the experts of the subject clearly mention that within the conflicted situations the axe falls and keeps pace with uncertainty , recurrence of unethical or immoral tactical interventions. The charm of entertaining life due to the crisis has yielded nothing but unfortunate wounds for souls to bear with in a conflicted zone of life.

In the war of opposition where perceptions and convictions deter to enhance the beauty of life, has of course, captured the wounds hammering with indecent axes of times. The war of such conflicts within the souls needs an eye to allow the specific souls live better with a nourishment of political blessings. The souls those keep on bleeding at the end of the life shall conclude immoral and unethical adaptations of souls in the shape of generations those definitely shall not utter but deter the politics to live its own wounded structure of times.

The intervening capabilities and capacities of the experts of conflicts assume devastation and deserted situations of unethical war, if strategizing leaks at times of its essence. To hold the depth of possibilities strategy links the versions of sincere attitude and if the tendencies of moral support justify, the leads create existences of resolved conflicts, opinions into the best reasoning of strategy that gives life a meaning.

  The global scenario being captivated into the conflicts and opinions, the strategy under the feet has to be shaken by way of adapting measures to clarify the zone of conflicts where every soul presents conflicted life experiences to enhance beauty of the land itself. It definitely shall need hearing the souls crying to defeat the pain by mastering the art of humanism, the only way to live better and end conflicts, opine state of art and develop strategy to engulf nature.


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