Bye Bye Bottles, Welcome Quooker Kitchen Tap


Bye Bye Bottles, Welcome Quooker Kitchen Tap
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Sumera B. Reshi

Morning sickness is something which is not less than a nightmare especially to those who work from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. Now you don’t have to hurry for a quick cup of tea/coffee or fast pasta. But why shouldn’t you worry? After all, everyone’s mornings are hectic and feverish. The reason is simple; Quooker Kitchen Tap is a new tool which dispenses boiling water while promoting the sustainable use of this precious resource. The tap is Quooker Kitchen tap is available in the UAE.

Quooker is the first boiling water tap ever created. Invented in the Netherlands 25 years ago, it has been providing instant boiling water to over 400,000 kitchens across Europe and now is available across the UAE. This innovative tap is now taking over the world in stride.

The cool thing about Quooker is that it comes with an added functionality of dispensing chilled and sparkling water. The best thing about the Quooker is that you will dispense the amount of boiling water that you need for your hot drinks or cooking, no additional wastage.

Besides being clean and hygienic, Quooker has health benefits as well as it doesn’t come in plastic bottles, thus avoids BPAs and toxins which plastic bottles release at high temperatures.

With the introduction of Quooker Kitchen tap, the company is helping private/government and hospitality sector to reduce plastic waste. Jakob Johannsen, Managing Partner of Quooker Emirates said, “We already have many big companies who are taking the initiative of reducing plastic bottles waste in the UAE adopting Quooker.”


Customers have a choice, they can either choose between the fusion, a separate boiling water tap with an additional mixer or the new Quooker Flex tap for hot, cold and boiling water with a pull-out pipe.

Quooker is no less than a miracle in the field of technology, it is ultra-safe, super –efficient and available in seven tap designs according to your kitchen design.  Additionally, Quooker also saves on energy consumption. Its high-vacuum insulation ensures that standby usage just 5 fils/day. For more efficiency, the Combi tank offers a single economical way to produce both hot and boiling water.

Further, customers are able to access cold water directly from the tap. “Being able to hydrate directly in the hot UAE climate from the tap is highly appreciated and even more when the water comes out at a refreshingly chilled 5-degree temperature. When the glimmering water option from the Quooker tap is chosen, your home tap offers a healthy alternative to fizzy and sweet drinks.

Besides the UAE, Kashmir needs Quooker kitchen tap more than ever. We being very hospitable and don’t waste a second to greet the guests, Quooker is a respite for Kashmir by offering a steaming cup of Kehwa or tea in a jiffy. Also, we need instant hot water during winter to cook food and to store hot water.

Since our tap water comes from mountains which are always mixed with certain types of algae and waterborne disease like Hepatitis E (a virus rampant in Kashmir), so Quooker kitchen tap could offer a let-up.


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