Burning Daughter-in-Law: Shamshada Was Screaming From Lungs In Pain


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Adnan Dar

shamshadaSopore: The argument which started over cleaning of spilled water on floor, ended with ruining her entire face with severe burn injuries. Shamshada, the mother of three had never dreamed of this ugly turn in her life. A happily married woman from Bomai Sopore in north Kashmir was married to Riyaz Ahmad Shah 15 years ago and was enjoying her married life especially after being blessed with two children. 

But for this 38 year old woman, this happiness could not last for long. Today she is suffering with severe burn injuries on her face. Her sister in-law threw hot cooking oil on her face during an argument over the cleaning of spinning water on the floor in house. As Shamshada was screaming from lungs due to severe pain, it still could not stop her sister- in-law who banged her with metal plate on head causing severe injuries. 

Her husband Riyaz is equally distressed with the unfortunate unfolding back home. He had never thought that her married life would go through this ordeal that too at the hands of her sister. He rushed her wife to the nearby sub district hospital Sopore where doctors after offering her first aid referred for the specialized treatment to the SKIMS hospital Srinagar.

She was admitted for almost six days before being discharged. Although Shamshada is recovering from the pain and injuries but it could not deter her husband to lodge the complaint against her sister in a nearby police station. 

“Riyaz himself lodged the complaint against his sister for this heinous crime,” says Shamshada’s brother Latief Ahmed Hamdani. But all her relatives are shell shocked for this incident. “In her fifteen years of her married life, she never expected this ugly turn. It ruined her face and disturbed psychologically though she is properly responding to the treatment,” adds her brother.

Shamshada’s parents have no complaints with her husband. In fact they are satisfied with his behaviour towards their daughter. “They were making a good life. Her husband was supportive and devoted their whole time to raise their children well.”

They however, complain against her in-laws and say that both mother-in-law and sister-in-law were since beginning of this marriage torturing her. Though we were convincing our daughter that it happens in every family and often in-laws are not good to their daughter-in-laws but they crossed all the limits today,” they said. 

Even to avoid confrontations and feuds among them, the family of Riyaz had decided to part ways with his parents and preparing food separately in same house. Unfortunately, it still could not stop ugly to happen.

The case of domestic violence has been registered in Bomia station. “We have registered a case under FIR number 6/2017 under section 498 A & 307 in this regard and arrested the accused person,” concerned SHO Abdul Majeed told The Legitimate.  

Notwithstanding the rising number of cases of domestic violence, the government has failed to do anything concrete to sop this menace. In fact the growing social menace has failed to catch the attention of media. The magnitude of the offense against married women can be gauged by the fact that on an average, from last three years 1.5 cases of domestic violence are reported everyday in the state, while at least two people are arrested daily in action to these crimes.


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