Break Up Can Be Opportunity For BJP


Break Up Can Be Opportunity For BJP
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It has been almost a month now that Jammu and Kashmir is under the governor’s rule. The democratically elected government collapsed last month when BJP decided to part ways with its coalition partner PDP terming it “untenable” to continue. It is true that Kashmir situation was running through a rough weather ever since PDP-BJP alliance was formed in state forty months back.

The security situation was dramatically going out of hands from the government. There was no or poor developmental activities taking place. However, the politicking of the situation even between the coalition partners was on its peak. While the alliance of PDP was unacceptable for the people of Kashmir valley since party had fought elections to keep the right wing party away from Jammu and Kashmir. The BJP was equally losing ground in Jammu region for its alliance with PDP which is believed to have soft agenda on separatists.

In other words, the alliance from the beginning was on cross roads of which the burn was faced by the commoners.  The people had elected the government to seek the redressel of their grievances and issues and were expecting the new dawn of social economic development in the border state. But it all did not happen.  Now, when the BJP which is in power in New Delhi decided to go away form power sharing in state with PDP, it shall not look for any excuses now under the rule of governor.

It is quite often people of state are told that political obstructions by the regional parties hamper the developmental activities in state.  The national party which is going for the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 must seize the “break up” as an opportunity. It must address the developmental needs of the state and prove their words that regional parties have been in past really hampering the development of region. The state is directly under centre’s rule right now and possibilities of government formation for next one year seem bleak.

While BJP is all set to deal with the insurgency in Kashmir with iron fist, it must not forget that state needs a massive developmental dose. In case the BJP failed to address the situation in Kashmir both on security and developmental front and continue to face the hostile situation, the upcoming Lok Sabha elections may have whirlwind effect on it. Kashmir is a turf card for national political parties and these political parties off late fought elections on its situation notwithstanding the impact and effect on the common people and the national security.

So the BJP too had assured to bring normalcy in state though even after four years of its rule no such strategy was visible on ground.  The recent remarks of Prime Minster Narender Modi in an interview that his government desires and works to ensure development, progress and transparent governance to Jammu and Kashmir must translate into action. Otherwise continues politicking of Kashmir issue may have a huge bearing on the country in the coming future.

The first democratically elected government in Kashmir was in place in 2002 after the insurgency hit Kashmir in 1990. There was an average participation of people which continued to grow and even sometimes beyond the national average of voter’s participation. It is essential for India to sustain the belief of commoners in Kashmir on the electoral process. In case the graph of voters declined and people lose the interest in the governance, the challenges may emerge beyond the level of comprehension for New Delhi in Kashmir.

This Story Earlier published in Print Edition Of ‘ The Legitimate’

Political Break up And Kashmir


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