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Coming on roads and calling for strikes only make their leaders strong and popular who use such opportunities to come in the media limelight. However, it doesn’t serve the core purpose of the issue but only make common man to suffer. 

With the growing might in the Kashmiri’s bureaucratic system and an unending rise of associations in the government departments, the common man has always been on the receiving end. Development, social services, transparency and the work efficiency is the worst causality of Kashmir’s governance system.

The level of corruption is rising to an unprecedented level where the debate in the social and common circles is rounding that some percentage of funds shall be legalized for the babus to ensure that rest of the money is spent judiciously for the public use.

From top to bottom there seems a close nexus in the departments as no action is being taken against even those who are convicted in the cases. As the Kashmir is grappling to live with this harsh reality of poor and virtually defunct governing system, the rising level of association is adding further woes to the kitty of common people.

Recently an unfortunate incident took place in Zainapora Tehsil where Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) rebuked the doctor in full pubic glare for not wearing apron or holding stethoscope as an identity.

The video which went viral on social media shows that the SDM is continuously rebuking him and asking to explain why he is not in apron to make easy for the patients to identify him for any help, they need. While the questions he posed to the doctor who apparently admits his mistake were right, the tone and the gestures he was showing towards him was ethically wrong.

The behaviour of the SDM is worth condemnation. He should not even shy away from tendering apology for his wrong and unjustified behaviour towards a doctor who is performing his duties under strenuous conditions. According to reports, the state is facing hundred per cent shortage of medical staff to cater the existing rush of patients in government hospitals.

The depression and the anxiety of these doctors who perform in all the conditions without making good number of holidays unlike other government employees can’t be overlooked. It is also true that the administrative officers especially dealing with the public directly also face huge pressure from people who demand quality and basic services.

As the last thirty years of turmoil has left our system almost defunct besides the growing rate of corruption, it is equally becoming difficult for those officers on ground to invoke the efficiency and accountability in public delivery system.  The truth is that most of the people in the government sector do not want to work and always keep their eyes on watch in offices and wait for the time to pack for their homes.

And gearing them up with their responsibilities is a herculean task for their bosses. There is another menace this society is witnessing, the growing number of associations in every department. While one shall appreciate the democratic process these employees choose to elect their leaders to seek the redressal of their grievances.

However, later most of the leaders from these associations exploit the mandate to prove his/ her might and let hundreds of people to suffer. The best part of Kashmir is that despite the turmoil of three decades in place, its institutions have not collapsed though they have got weakened.

Owing to which we lack the trust and the policy in making them more efficient and functional in a legal and more democratic manner. Most of the people suffer here with protests and shut down syndrome and take it as the first resort to press their demands.  Same thing happened few days ago when the Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) decided to go for pen down strike against the unwarranted behaviour of SDM and demanded open apology from him.

This was perhaps the first controversy Dr Suhail Naik handled after he was elected as DAK president last month. The move by the DAK triggered a clash of ego between two most powerful associations DAK and KAS association while the helpless government remained the mute spectator.

The controversy refused to die down and common people suffered. The protests and shutdown shall be the last option and these associations shall more believe in strengthening the institutional process which is more impactful. The DAK should have officially taken this matter with the concerned authorities and subsequently with the association which the accused SDM is member.

Failing here, the victim doctor could have approached the court to seek justice. Coming on roads and calling for strikes only make their leaders strong and popular who use such opportunities to come in the media limelight. However, it doesn’t serve the core purpose of the issue but only make common man to suffer. 


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