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Sakib Dass

Anantnag: Inspite of the repeated assurances by the Government to check the functioning and operation of various coaching centers in J&K state, the Government has miserably failed to fulfill its promise. The unauthorized coaching centers which are operating in Anantnag have totally bypassed the orders passed by the Government on several occasions. The coaching centers were supposed to get registered but this too hasn’t been done till date.

 As the winter vacation of schools begins in the valley, the mushrooming growth of ‘unauthorized coaching centers violating the rules and regulations in Anantnag have worried the students and parents but ironically not the authorities.

 Parents and students are aghast against the private coaching centers of the Anantnag for increase in fees at their will, and have urged the authorities to take strong action on it.

Ironically, there has been no action on ground despite the tall claims of Director for Education, G.N. Itoo that a campaign will be launched against the coaching centers who are violating the rules and regulations in the state.

Floating the rules and regulations, most of the coaching centers at Anantnag are operating in buildings without window panes and proper heating arrangements. Students are shivering in cold at these centers. Students at large allege that they are over-charged at centers as there is no uniform tuition fee set by the authorities for a particular subject.

Parents too allege that the centers have become money-minting machines’ rather than institutions imparting education to students. In view of the growing demand for tuitions during winter vacations, the centers charge students at will.

“I was shocked when the management of newly opened  coaching center at Anantnag to deposit fee of Rs 41300 with 18% GST  as fees for Entrance coaching which is a very huge amount. We think we have to give up studies in future because we can’t afford to pay such huge Tax on our  Studies. Said, Muzzamil Manzoor.

“At another tuition centre in Anantnag which is located at KP Road students are shivering in cold as there are no heating arrangements,” alleged Rahil, a student of 12th class adding that the tuition fee for students’ varies and those who have rapport with the teachers have to pay nominal charges.

 A parent ,Dr. Aadil Rashid Khaki said, the Government must take strict measures to regulate fees of the coaching centers. “Coaching centers are increasing fees almost every year. However, this year they have gone beyond the limits and broken all the records. I have three kids and I pay major part of my salary as their fees,” he said.  

Another parent, Mohd Shafi alleged that owners of the coaching centers are mostly lecturers and teachers who work in Government colleges and schools. “But they prefer to teach in coaching centers instead of schools or colleges. In their respective work places, they don’t take their work seriously. As a result, students are forced take tuitions at coaching centers and pay hefty amount as fees.”

The students at other coaching centres at KP Road Anantnag alleged there is also overcrowding of students. “There is no space to sit in the coaching center. We are made to sit in a small room and total number of students in our batch is over hundred.” Yawer Rashid, a student said.



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