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Zahoor Ragi

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In enhancing knowledge of human structure overall, advocacy has played indeed vital role and is pivotal to run any affairs regarding life and maintaining systematic care. Creativities find a place of sustenance and orders of practice lead the future on the basis of past but with an essence of advocacy. It did not happen in a day or two but had to take gradual turns in order to develop and maintain any crisis within the frame work of nature itself. Natural guidelines if practiced and admired by the followers surely benefit the lovely world of ours. Knowledge thus has to be practice oriented.

The knowledge flows from knowledgeable and practicing people to uphold “practice and role”. Both admire practicing to benefit surroundings with every creatures eye set visible. Such instances of practice carry gradual essence of beauties, where every aspect of governance within the framework justifies acceptance of golden practices to govern from self to social, ethical, moral and other aspects of life around. The pattern of such practices took years to develop knowledge and kept the ball rolling which finally added to spheres of life with colours, reflecting solace and comfort of lives within the global practices of nature.

Observing the adaptation of such services, politicians within India also took a turn which was even seen recently among the rulers of our land. The advocacy meant taking into confidence the media eye that sounds to the souls as mother of conscience otherwise. Advocacy is a structure of efficiency practiced by social behavioural change communication in order to enable the recipient to prove his or her judgments with colours of comfort or achievements, says a modern Sociologist ,Amorist while deliberating upon certain issues of ethical ,moral or socio-psychological and socio-economic perspectives of achievements.

While interpreting the last spell of advisory within the political sphere of the land, observance of statements could smell political gains but no where it would define comfort for public or advice for people to heal wounds of society. Opportunities do not strike always. Advocacy has to be the pattern adopted but with faith in delivering the goods for the benefit of population at large. Exchanging hot words and defending a certain situation of unlettered practices means lack of character which of course seems unjustified. Here the advocacy fails. The disaster of such nature observed by socio-psychological observers reminds of valuable vote banks for the politicians, who if do not change their choices shall definitely land into future troubles.  Ultimately, if anyone is asked to join stream of advocacy he should be a practitioner of justified spirituality versions of life with versatile attitudinal organizational behaviour to prove beneficial through a brain of choice to project person being advocated in order to develop his/her image of being human guard.

Advocacy thus has to be enrolled and accepted at various levels of its placements in order to justify characters those carry otherwise definitely role of unjustified attitudes at large. Political systems though being managed with every effort to beautify the land but the beautifiers have to be soulful in making the representation for public value. Exploration of self shall prove axis of choice but colours to be added by advocacy shall frame the world of politics otherwise statements of choice prove fatal in politics. The realization of effective and priceless system of governance and projections is hidden within the ranges of advocacy.

Though the global trend setters in advocacy have learnt much and more to explore possibilities of reaching out the populace at large but criminal attitudinal practices evolved a strategy to play with the sanctity of it.  The porous borders within political sphere indeed have misled the governances where humanity without practice remains million dollar question for everyone equally at every level.  Projecting the constitutional arrogances of so-called framed parties to practice the laws of nature in practicality appear far away in the absence of conscience to develop consensus of choice to sustain the world with peace and tranquility. Resultant crisis out of realistic approach of swaying basic theoretical and constitutional practices need revisiting while playing the cards of politics. At a juncture of political choice, the axis of human role stands hammered by the unlawful practices suggesting revisiting origin of human services that labeled politics to care.

Considering the judgments of individual politics by empowering certain components of political minds has created a confusion that seems unending war against the human services to sustain.  Mastered art of crime by the so-called political consensus has resulted into wounds those are governed by the specialized personal unethical warships of chosen minds. Human resource suggests ending the crisis of such platforms by asking the interventional human hearts on ground level to intervene for the possibilities of changing the power that definitely shall build the relationships of human concern. While taking on board the projected eye wash theories of unethical practices one has to realize the dust of self with margins of responsibilities. Minimizing the sufferings and agonies at the end of the day need advocacy to detect and reject unwarranted practices within any given sphere including political gains.

Healthy nation theories and practices having been sold at the hands of political or bureaucratic advocacy system ultimately has resulted into the war of choices. Though every possibility of advocacy component has ultimate dust with it but comfort theories and practices of this world darkens the state of conscience where such advocates of choices ultimately scratch the wounds of building nations. Let the advocacy be chosen beyond political carriers to retain ethical and moral values of nature itself.  Rejuvenating of self has the role to judge the world of advocacy with confidence of retaining its values. The values those remain shattered and hammered otherwise in the absence of realistic approach of advocacy. The practices of unethical constitutional party system moving with the weapons of inhuman authoritative faces have to end the conflicts to sustain the world at large by joining the stream of natural guidelines meant for everyone equally. The advocacy shall move with effective ranges of implementation that otherwise has been leading towards unimagined disasters of unhealthy practices in the hands of political advocacy or unjustified characteristics of present politics.

The author is writer and artist. He also serves as PRO to Director Health services Kashmir. 


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